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1 07 2008


My name is Z.

Now, of course this is not my real name, but in this lovely place we call the blogsphere it helps to keep my naughty habits from bleeding onto the edges of my good girl persona. If some of the people in my life knew I kept this blog, or even wrote or thought about many of the things I do they would look at me quite differently.

I’m 19 years old and heading into my second year of college at a state university in the armpit of america, ie Ohio. That gives you roughly 11 universities with a total of nearly 3 million students. Have fun with that.

Despite having the naughty mind that I do, I didn’t lose my virginity until this past December, that hasn’t stopped the sex, and the fantasies in the least. Which is fun for me. Thankfully I’m with a guy who encourages and absolutley loves my experimental side, god bless his dirty little heart. And please realize I use the term ‘with’ very lightly. We’re best friends, we fuck all the time, we read each other’s minds and we’re pretty much the same person. The only problem is X, as he’ll be refered to, has a girlfriend back home. That tends to make things a bit complicated and morally questionable. I’ve simply stopped telling people about him. They just don’t approve.

But the sex is amazing, so I cannot complain.

Aside from my love of sex, I’m also a huge nerd. I’ve read more books in my nineteen years of life than most families combined will read in their entire lifetimes. I own anywhere between 500-700 books. I love playing video games. Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy games are my fav, though I totally kick ass at Mario Kart 64. I love drawing, writing, poetry, jewlery making and many other things.

This blog is mostly for me to write about my sexploits and my fantaties. I like being able to go back and read what I wrote. It’s a turn on. Plus, I’m a tad bit of an exhibitionist, so I like the idea that people will read this.



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17 07 2008

Nice to meet you!
I just found your blog via Zoe, and love it already :-)

Greets from another bookmonster

11 09 2008
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