Party Too Hard

30 08 2008

Last night was bad……

My one friend, BFY, dragged me out last night. Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea. We went to a house party where I played Kings and Beer Pong and did shots. My alcohol tolerance is way down so I got fucked up really quickly.

For the first time since I started college, I got sick from drinking. Really sick. I threw up for a good ten minutes at the party while this guy, we’ll call him S, held my hair back. And then I wrapped myself around my toilet at home for who knows how long before finally going to sleep. Thankfully, I’m not really hung over right now.

But other than that, S and I exchanged numbers last night. He was my beer pong partner and I guess he was cute. We made out some on the stairs inside the house before I started getting dizzy and had to sit down. He asked me if we could go to lunch sometime because he thinks I’m a really cool girl. I said we could. And before that, he tried to get me to go home with him. He kept telling me that his dorm was the closest one to here and I should go home with him. But I looked him in the eyes and told him I don’t do that. He said he normally doesn’t either but that he really liked me.

And honestly, had I been more than just ever so slightly attracted to him, I probably would have. But the chemistry that would make me want to go home with him just wasn’t there.

Also, he’s not really my type at all. Sober, I don’t think I would have looked twice at him. But I have a bad habit of being really flirty and willing to kiss anyone when alcohol is in my system. S is too baby faced for me. He’s on the taller side, but he’s built on the bigger, you can tell he drinks and parties a lot, side too. I like my boys skinny and lanky.

I kept thinking (and texting) X last night. He didn’t respond to any of my texts which kind of made me a little sad. But whatever. He’s home this weekend and had some sort of nice party to go to. Last night, when I felt sick, I just wanted him to be there and kiss my forehead and tell me how stupid I was. I just wanted him to hold me until I felt better.

I guess part of the reason I wasn’t attracted to S was because he wasn’t X. He wasn’t super tall and super skinny. He didn’t have shaggy light brown hair and blue-grey eyes. He wasn’t sarcastic and witty. And he didn’t have a scruffy beard for me to dislike. Sigh….


29 08 2008

Curling up next to him, my head on his shoulder and his arm around me. His large hand covers my shoulder and I reach up and brush my fingers against his. He opens his hand, allowing my fingers to tangle with his as he hugs me closer. My other hand rests lightly on his stomach and I can feel each breath he takes. My eyes flutter a bit, I feel safe and warm and I could fall asleep just like this.

We shift.

He rolls over and I’m behind him now. I press my lips against his back. My arm is lazily drapped over his waist and I run my fingers along his forearm. He’s all curled up, so his feet brush against mine. He’s like a little kid and he tangles our feet up in a jumbled mess. I press my face to his back and just smile.

We shift.

Somehow he’s behind me now. He pulls at my hips until I’m flush against his body. His hand skims down my leg and then back up to my hip. He gently carasses my stomach before running his fingers along my arm. His hand rests there, fingers occasionally stroking skin. I can feel his beard scratching lightly at my neck as he places a soft kiss there. We sit, absorbed in the movie, his fingers absently moving and soft kisses almost sleepily placed.

We shift one more time.

He’s on top of me now. Pressing against me. My hands are in his hair, pulling his face to mine in a needy kiss. Hips grind, hands wander and grope. Clothing is pushed aside and all of a sudden no one breaths. There’s a slide of wetness against hardness as we hold our breath. Then we’re one person gasping and groaning and sighing. Our bodies move together as our hands hold tight. Teeth bite, nails scratch and we can’t get enough. It gets frantic. My hips meeting his, violently. His body pressing me down, down, down into the matress. My hands gripping his biceps tighter and tighter as my body tenses. All of a sudden it’s over. We’re panting and sweaty and tired as I hold him against me, my fingers running through wet hair.

We don’t shift.

We lay like that for what seems like forever. Too tired to move. My eyes drift closed.

I really do love cuddling…..

Bite Marks

29 08 2008

Mmm…I do love the fact that X and I are fucking again.

We had sex twice today. Once when we were supposed to be studying Public Admin and again when he came back over to watch a movie. His new thing today was to take me by force. I would squirm and twist and whine that I didn’t want him. And he’d grab and grope and bite and tell me that he didn’t ask what I wanted.

I was so close to what would have been the best, most explosive orgasm I’d have had with him at one point today, but he shifted angles and I just lost it. So sad. :(

But other than that. Damn……He made me squirt again tonight. Not as hard as last time, but I still got his stomach wet and it still felt damn good. And at one point he slide his finger into my ass while he fucked me. Aparently I went wild. I don’t remember that except knowing that I liked what he was doing.

And it was sometime around then that he began fucking me on our sides. I’ve always liked when he bit me, but tonight it just got me off. He had his face against my neck and I kept telling him to bite me over and over, again and again.

This is what my neck looked like after he left. It doesn’t look too bad now, because it’s just red and almost blends in with my skin. But if the marks bruise…….I’ll have a lovely decoration on my neck for a while. Not that I’m complaining. It felt damn good.

Afterwards, (and while watching Indiana Jones) We were discussing what X thinks of while he gets himself off. Apparently me with a strap-on fucking another girl is favorite. Honestly, that really turns me on. I told him he should get me a strap-on. He said I don’t need one, I don’t have a girl to fuck with. I giggled and told him I could always just fuck him.

His response? Okay. But only if it’s small. Nothing too big.

I was slightly taken aback. It’s sort of a fantasy of mine to bend X over a bed like he does so often to me and fuck him until he’s grinding his ass back onto my strap-on. So the fact that there’s a chance I might actually get to do that makes me so happy.

This is the reason he and I work so well together. We’re both perverts in the same general way. Haha.


28 08 2008

That’s exactly what I am right now.

I’m only taking 15 hours of classes this semester and my schedule is amazing, yet still, I feel dead at the end of the day. Monday and Wednesday I have my class on the American Governmental System from 11-1250 and then Political Philosophy from 2-350. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Public Administration (the professor is out of town this week, so we start next week) from 12-150 and Individuals and Society from 2-315. That’s it. No Friday classes. And yet, three days in I feel dead.

I also found out that X and I are in the same Public Admin class. So that should be interesting. I’ve already been informed that I’m allowed to sit next to him, I’m just not allowed to be distracting. Does he think I’m going to grope him in the middle of a 60 person lecture? I really don’t talk in class unless I have a comment or am answering a question, so I don’t think he really needs to worry. It will be nice having him with me in that class. He’s better with bureaucracy than I am. I’m more the philosophy behind politics and government type person.

And I’m boring you with non-sex related things in my sex blog. Sorry. It’s just that stress and classes have kind of put a bit of a damper on my sex life.

X and I have had sex 6ish times since Thursday. Not sure if what we did today counts or not. After work, X came over and I made him dinner. Nothing fancy, I boiled some pasta and opened a jar of alfredo sauce. He scarfed down three times as much as I ate. After we ate, we laid on my bed joking around for a little bit. Joking for X and I involves tickling, biting, grring, squeaking, squirming, licking, light groping and none of it in a sexual manner. Yeah….we act like we’re five year olds sometimes….it’s why we get along. We end up falling asleep together and napping for almost 2 hours. 

I have a double bed now. Not a twin XL like last year, and the fucker still manages to take up almost the whole bed. And he wanted to be the little spoon. I don’t mind because I get to wrap my arms around him and cuddle myself up to his back. But the boy is a space heater. Today he was literally radiating heat. I had to take off my sweatpants just to keep myself from overheating.

Once we woke up, it was almost 9 and he said he had to go, he had a lot of work to do. I pouted and pressed my body against his, telling him he should stay. He laughed and told me I was insatiable. I straddled him and ground myself against the obvious bulge in his pants, I told him he should stay and fuck me. But he said he didn’t have time. I pouted more.  Then he told me that he could be mean, and just thrust into me once. I told him I liked when he was mean. So I laid on my side with him behind me as he took his cock out and rubbed it against me, fucking me with just the head. I was pushing my ass back towards him and he slid all the way in. He paused for a moment, and I thought he was going to pull out. But he didn’t. He fucked me for a minute or so before pulling out and telling me I was cruel. I rolled over and kissed him, told him he was the one who wanted to be mean to me.

So I’m still horny from all that. I haven’t had good sex in a few days, just quickies. I told X he shouldn’t be tired or busy tomorrow after work. I told him I wanted him to be my slave again. He just chuckled and said, ‘We’ll see.’

Sigh……school really is putting a cramp in my sex life. Both X and I are too tired to really put any effort into sex. It’s so fucking sad.

HNT: Thigh Highs

28 08 2008

I love, love, love thigh highs.

I never wore them until over winter break last year X mentioned that I should get a pair because I have long legs, and they’d look amazing on me. So I bought a pair and when I got back to school, I put them on under my jeans one night that I knew we were going to have sex.

I could see X smile as he pulled off my jeans and saw my legs encased in black nylon and lace. I lifted one leg up, toes pointed like a dancer’s. Do you like them? I asked as he sat back and looked at me. I pressed the ball of my foot into his chest and he took it in his hands. He rubbed his cheek briefly against my ankle and caressed my leg as he began kissing up my calf and to my thigh. He lingeringly kissed the space where lace stopped and skin began. He ran his hand one last time up my leg before leaning in to kiss me. Yeah, I do. A lot, he murmured against my lips.

I now have quite a few pairs. Some in nude. Some in black. Some that stay up by themselves. Or some like the one’s in the picture that need the help of a garter belt. I just feel infinatly more sexy when I have a pair on. I can’t wait until it gets cooler out and I have an excuse to wear them under my normal clothes once again.

TMI Tuesday: Wishes

26 08 2008

What is the one thing you would change about your body? I wish I was more toned and maybe an inch or two shorter. I have a nice, tall, slim body as is, but I don’t exercise and you can tell. Also, I hate putting on two inch heels and being six feet tall.

What is the one personality trait you would change? I wish I was less needy in my relationships. I’ve come to realize that I need almost constant validation that my friendship is desired. With BFL and BFA and JK I don’t worry so much because I’ve known them or trust them enough to know we’re still friends no matter. With X it’s a different story. If he doesn’t talk to me or is short with me or I don’t see him for a whole day I get worried that something’s wrong. And that’s wrong. It bothers me that I can get so needy about things, but honestly, I think it comes from losing my father at a young age and having a pretty absent mother growing up. I need to know that people aren’t just going to leave me and drop me for someone else. It’s a stupid way to be, hence why I wish I could change it.
What is the one thing about your job you would change? I wish I had one?

What is the one thing about your home you would change? Nothing. This little college town in the boonie-boonies is what I now consider to be my home. My home town is my hometown and where my family is, but it ceased to be my home when we moved in with my mother’s fiance. And I love this little town full of frat boys and college kids.

What is the one thing about your Significant Other you would change? X is the closest thing I have to a SO right now, and I’d change nothing about him. He’s an asshole, insensitive at times, a jerk, selfish, arrogant, egotistical and the biggest douchebag I’ve ever met. But he’s also one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and he wouldn’t be X if he didn’t have those negative traits. Well…..maybe I’d make him not vegitarian so I could cook food for him other than pasta.

Who is the one person you would poof out of your life and why? No one. Why would I want to poof anyone out of my life? I love the people that love me, they’re my pillars and they make me who I am. But the people who hate me are my foundation. They keep me grounded and also make me who I am. So no matter how much I dislike someone, or how difficult they make my life, I wouldn’t want them out of it.

Who is the one person you would poof back in and why? My father. No questions or hesitations in that one. Aside from X, BFL and BFA he was the one person who actually understood me. He and I were so alike and I miss him everyday. I would give anything in the world just to have him back, even if only for a day.

Yes Mistress.

22 08 2008

I officially love living a less than five minute from X.

Text messages are wonderful things:
Z: I’m horny…
X: Aw…want me to come fuck you?
Z: Would you actually come and fuck me if I said yes?
X: Probably.
Z: Then get your ass over here, slave. Your Mistress wants to be fucked.
X: I’ll be there about 12:30, Mistress.

And lo and behold, who was waiting at the door to my apartment building at 12:20? X. We walked upstairs and I let him into my apartment. We stood in my room and kissed until he looked down at me and asked what I wanted him to do. I told him to strip me down and go down on me. He did just that, pulling me to the edge of the bed and getting on his knees. I gripped his head and moaned as he licked and sucked on my clit. He fucked me with his tongue while he reached up to play with my nipples.  I loved it. But for some reason oral never really gets me close, I need more force, more pressure.

I pulled his head away and told him to stand up and take off all his clothes. As soon as he pulled down his boxers, I could see how rock hard he was. I got off the bed to kiss his lips and neck, musing out loud to myself what I wanted to do with him. I ran my fingers lightly over his cock, enjoying the tiny jerks his hips made and the small wimper that slipped from his lips.

I ordered him to lay on the bed while I looked about my room for some proper restraints. Sadly, all my scarves were still packed in boxes and his handcuffs had been left at home. He looked at me earnestly and slid his hands behind his head under the pillow. “I’ll be good, Mistress. I won’t move them.”

“Good toy.” I told him as I climbed on top of him. I ran my tongue along his neck and collar bone, I told him that if he disobeyed me, I would have to punish him. He just nodded. I asked him what he wanted, and he told me he wanted whatever would please his mistress. I smiled. Good answer.

I grabbed his cock and began running it against my wetness. I used it to rub my clit, moaning. I let the head of his cock slide just a tiny bit inside me. That’s when the begging began. X began to moan and plead, “Please Mistress. Fuck me, your toy wants to be inside you.” “You haven’t earned the right to be fucked, slave.” And I continued riding him with just the tip inside my pussy. He tried jerking his hips up into me, and I gave him a stern look. “I never gave you permission to do that, slave.” “Sorry Mistress.” “I’ll ignore your first mistake. Do it again and you’ll be punished.”

He continued moaning and begging me to fuck him, so I let myself drop down fully onto his cock. His eyes opened wide in anticipation of being fucked only to feel me slide all the way up and off of him. “Please do that again, Mistress.” I told him no. I told him that he hadn’t earned the right to be fucked. But that I wanted him to eat me out again. I straddled his face as he went to it with gusto. I’ve never seen him enjoy going down on me so much before. He held onto my hips as I rode his tongue, his blue eyes looking back at me, gauging my reactions. I tried to move away for a moment, but he held onto me and kept going. The boy didn’t want to stop.

At this point, I was so turned on I just wanted to fuck him. But instead, I got off his face, and began to tease him again. I didn’t spend quite as much time doing it as before. I finally dropped down onto him and began to ride him slowly. He went to move his hands but I looked at him with my eyebrows arched, as if to say “Do you really think that’s a smart idea?” He continued to let me fuck him slowly, moaning the whole time about how good I felt and how he just wanted to please me.

“You have permission to touch your Mistress, slave.” And X went to grab my hips to fuck me. “I said touch, not fuck, toy.” And so he ran his hands all over my body, cupping my breasts, stroking my hip. Finally, I was getting sick of my slow pace on top of him. My knees aren’t bad, but they’re prone to hurt if I try riding someone for too long, I just can’t do it.

So I told him to fuck me. And he did. He grabbed my hips and began slamming into me, telling me he just wanted to please me. He wrapped his arms around my body and fucked me hard. Somehow we ended up with me on my back but I didn’t care. I’d been teasing and toying with X for so long that I just needed exactly what he was doing.

Our bodies were covered in sweat as we clung tightly to each other, my nails dug into his shoulder as he cupped the back of my neck roughly. “I want you to cum for me slave. I want to feel you lose control.” I told him that between moans and sighs, ”But I haven’t pleased you enough, Mistress.” He panted out. “Feeling you cum pleases me.”

He told me to get on my stomach, so I did. He was flushed red from the shoulders up and I knew it wasn’t going to take much longer for him to cum. He slammed into me over and over again, biting at my neck. His one arm was around my shoulders. His thrusts sped up and got more and more erratic. He fucked me harder and deeper until I heard him moan loud as his thrusts got shallower and he twitched inside me, cumming hard. He collapsed on top of me, still twitching and panting. A few moments later, he rolled off of me.

“So?” I looked at him expectantly, he just held out a finger, telling me to wait. I smirked and ran my fingers ever so lightly across his spent and sensitive cock. He jerked away for a moment, but I kept doing it. Each stroke of my finger elicted a gasp and a full body jerk until he was thrusting lightly into my hand. He still was having problems forming words, so I just leaned over and kissed him as I waited for the blood to make it back to his brain.

It took him longer than normal to recover and my god did that make me proud. He told me that I was amazing, and that the orgasm he just had was in the top five of his best orgasms ever. We laid on my bed and joked and talked for a little while, cuddled a bit. But he had to leave because he’d parked illegally and he had work early the next morning.

That was amazing sex though. And I didn’t even cum. I got close but I’ve found I don’t need orgasms to enjoy sex. It feels amazing, it’s fun, and plus, I like knowing I pleased someone else.

I figure I’ll probably be taking the dominant position more often with X now, considering how much he enjoyed it.


21 08 2008

That wasn’t quite what I was hoping it to be.

Goddamn my body. X came by after work and it didn’t take long for us to tumble onto my bed, our hands all over each other. For some reason, my brain was all ready to have wild crazy sex, but my body just wasn’t having any of it.

I got wet, but not as wet as I normally do. And I got sore very, very fast. Frankly, right now, I hurt. And It will probably be a day or soish before I can fuck again (also can be blamed on X fucking me hard, fast and relentlessly). Damnnit. X tried fucking my ass. He even made me go on a search for the lube I had hidden somewhere in my things so my unsuspecting mother wouldn’t find it. It took me like fifteen minutes to remember I hid it in my DVD case. Oops.

Even with ample lube and me willing, relaxed and wanting anal, my ass wasn’t having it. He got the head of his cock in, but that was it before I started feeling uncomfortableness that started turning into stinging. I made hims stop because that didn’t happen the first time we did it. Oh well.

He fucked me again, and I think he got me pretty damn close to squirting but that was the point it started getting painful and thus stopped whatever impending orgasm i had coming. He came hard, so I was happy. But still. Not the wonderful, crazy, wild, steamy, hot sex I was hoping for.

I think it’s because my body in general is exhausted. I was up at 6am, I’ve been moving things all day and running around and shit. I think if I get a good night’s sleep tonight that tomorrow should be better.

It was really nice seeing X however. We’re back to our old sarcasm, jokes, witty comments and inability to keep our hands off each other. I missed the douchebag.


EDT: And I guess it just took a bit of a recovery time. X went home to take a nap and I tried taking one but it failed. He picked me up, and him and his roommate, the Hobbit, and I went to dinner. After he showed me around his apartment and I tried kicking his ass in Mario Cart for the Wii but I kept coming in second place to his first. We watched Futurama and it was only a few minutes into the episode that hands began to wander. (And this goes out to Jake, this post is SO true and SO my life at college.)

He ended up pressing me face down against the bed, his full weight crushing me aganst the matress as he fucked me. I bit my lip, my fist, his pillow, the sheets in an effort to not moan and scream as the Hobbit was only a room away. Then he pulled me off the edge of the bed. X’s bed is honestly the perfect height for fucking. He fucked me bent across the bed. Neither of us came, but it was still amazing.  We fooled around a bit more and cuddled on his bed until he had to take me home.

He finger fucked me on the car drive home. I almost came and I was so mad when we pulled up to my building…

HNT: Sexy

21 08 2008

Nothing fun or interesting here today. I just moved back to college today and I’m currently completly exhausted so I don’t feel like writing anything. Expect some stuff tomorrow seeing as X is one his way over to see me now. :D


20 08 2008

X and I apparently have a problem. And that problem is keeping our hands off each other.

Now, I haven’t seen him yet,  but all we can seem to talk about online is sex. Not that I’m complaining in the least. I get to see him tomorrow evening, and the first thing I’m going to do when I see him is slap him as hard as I can across the face. He deserves it for what he put me through this summer. After that I’ll probably drag him up to my apartment and we’ll fuck for hours.

X has also brought up a few new fantasties that I’m alternately excited and worried about. For one, he told me about one of his fantasies that I would ‘probably find weird.’ I giggled and told him that it was me, I doubt I’d find it odd. Turns out the dear boy has a rape fantasy. He made it very clear that he didn’t actually want to rape anyone, he just wanted to pretend to take someone (read: me) ‘against their will.’ I told him the thought of that really turns me on. I think he was surprised.

Now, the other thing that came up is the one I’m a bit worried about. We were talking about if we had good handcuffs or not, and he asked if I’d rather be tied up or tie him up. I told him both. He asked me what I’d do if I tied him up and I told him I’d probably tease him and use him like a toy. Then, I asked what he wanted me to do while he was tied up. He didn’t know. But he told me I’d be ‘an imaginative little mistress.’ And everything clicked in my head. ‘And you’d be a good slave, wouldn’t you?’ ‘Yes Mistress.’

So X wants me to dominate him. And I’m all for that, I’m just worried. When it comes to us, I’m more naturally submissive than him. And I really do mean that. He’s always been the dominant one who throws me down on the bed, pins my hands above my head and makes me beg. He’s the one that’s holds me face down on the bed while he fucks me hard, bites my neck and tells me I’m his little cockslut, I belong to him, I’m his toy to play with.

I guess my biggest worry is that I won’t know what to do. I mean. I dunno. I’m going to order him to make me cum with just his tongue and fingers. I’ll probably tie his hands and sit on his face, making him eat me out again. If he’s ‘good’ I might go down on him or fuck him until he’s close to the edge, then stop. Basically I’m just going to go with the ‘You have to earn the right to cum.’ And I know it sounds like I have things planned out, but I’m worried I’m going to fuck up. Honestly, I haven’t been this worried about something related to sex ever. It’s probably just because I’m stepping out of the role I naturally end up playing.

But X promised me shower sex as a reward after I dominate him. So I am excited for that. Perhaps I could incorporate that into the Mistress/slave thing. Make him wash my hair or something. That could be amusing.

I don’t know. Still worried about this. Advice anyone? I could use it.