HNT: Gypsy

6 08 2008

I’m posting my HNT photo a bit early today as I’ve got my anthropology final tomorrow. Ick. Hope you enjoy.



I went to the medieval faire on sunday and I picked up this lovely scarf. It jingles when I walk and I absolutely love it.

I took quite a few more photos with this gypsy scarf and I think I will be posting them¬†Friday because they’re just too fun to leave sitting all alone on my laptop. ;)



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6 08 2008

Ooh! Looking forward to your other pics now!

Good luck with your test!

6 08 2008

LOVE the click thru. Very creative and pretty!!!


6 08 2008

I am *loving* the gypsy scarf but especially the click-thru. Your ink is *amazing*!! Happy HNT!

7 08 2008

Love the henna, the scarf and everything else in this pic. Beautiful!

7 08 2008
Bad Bad Girl

Good look on your final, and wow that picture is so sexy….

7 08 2008

The scarf is lovely but you make it more so. Very pretty.HHNT.

7 08 2008

that pic is crazy sexy!!!!

7 08 2008

I hope you do well on your final! (Or did well, as it were.)

Perhaps you should have worn that to take the exam? What? It couldn’t hurt, could it? ;)

Happy HNT!

7 08 2008
Curvaceous Dee

Oh, but that’s a gorgeous scarf! Really suits you too :)

HHNT, xx Dee

7 08 2008
Amorous Rocker

Oh Medieval festivals are always fun. That is such a pretty scarf. Lovely pictures. ;) Happy HNT!

7 08 2008
lapis ruber

Lovely Scarf, lovely contents too Happy HNT.

7 08 2008

Ooo, very colorful. Colorful and gypsy-riffic! :)


7 08 2008
An Artist Exposed

For me, these are your best yet – irresistible! I love the vibrant colours of the scarf against your perfect skin. HHNT!

8 08 2008
I Smile 2 Much

LUV these colors on you! You have a beautiful body & gorgeous scarf. Hope your final went AWESOME ; ) happy hnt ; )

10 08 2008

I really like how the jewel stand on your breast on your clicky!

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