Bite Marks

29 08 2008

Mmm…I do love the fact that X and I are fucking again.

We had sex twice today. Once when we were supposed to be studying Public Admin and again when he came back over to watch a movie. His new thing today was to take me by force. I would squirm and twist and whine that I didn’t want him. And he’d grab and grope and bite and tell me that he didn’t ask what I wanted.

I was so close to what would have been the best, most explosive orgasm I’d have had with him at one point today, but he shifted angles and I just lost it. So sad. :(

But other than that. Damn……He made me squirt again tonight. Not as hard as last time, but I still got his stomach wet and it still felt damn good. And at one point he slide his finger into my ass while he fucked me. Aparently I went wild. I don’t remember that except knowing that I liked what he was doing.

And it was sometime around then that he began fucking me on our sides. I’ve always liked when he bit me, but tonight it just got me off. He had his face against my neck and I kept telling him to bite me over and over, again and again.

This is what my neck looked like after he left. It doesn’t look too bad now, because it’s just red and almost blends in with my skin. But if the marks bruise…….I’ll have a lovely decoration on my neck for a while. Not that I’m complaining. It felt damn good.

Afterwards, (and while watching Indiana Jones) We were discussing what¬†X thinks of while he gets himself off. Apparently me with a strap-on fucking another girl is favorite. Honestly, that really turns me on. I told him he should get me a strap-on. He said I don’t need one, I don’t have a girl to fuck with. I giggled and told him I could always just fuck him.

His response? Okay. But only if it’s small. Nothing too big.

I was slightly taken aback. It’s sort of a fantasy of mine to bend X over a bed like he does so often to me and fuck him until he’s grinding his ass back onto my strap-on. So the fact that there’s a chance I might actually get to do that makes me so happy.

This is the reason he and I work so well together. We’re both¬†perverts in the same general way. Haha.



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29 08 2008
An Artist Exposed

Such a wonderful pic; I love to bite.

Sounds like you guys are really getting into the fuck zone with each other – surely there is no better place to be.

29 08 2008

I love to be bitten as well. I loved to think of you screwing him with a strap on…I think I would like to do that as well. And I sure would be the girl for your sexcapade ;) –Lollie

29 08 2008

Like minded perverts in lust!
sounds great!

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