TMI Tuesday

2 09 2008

1. When was the last time someone hit on you? What went down? I think this guy in my Public Admin class hit on me today. X was sitting next to me and was teasing me about something or other, it’s what he does. The guy sitting in front of us is someone I knew vaguelyfrom high school. We’ll call him B. He went to another school but we both did debate together and I wiped the floor with him every time. He joined in the conversation, adding that I used to pout and stomp when I debated. Him and X had a good old laugh about that, then they proceeded to tease me together. So. Yeah. I think he was attempting to hit on me. Because he tried to strike up a conversation a few more times during lulls in the class.

X wrote me a note a few minutes after they finished teasing me: He’s cute and funny and seems intelligent……


Why not?

NO. I did debate with him and just NO.

I hate when he tries to hook me up with people.

2. If you were single and could be with any one person, who would it be? Jared Padalecki all the way. He’s basically the embodiment of my perfect guy. 6′4, shaggy dark brown hair, blue eyes, intelligent, won nationals in Duo in high school, has dogs, is adorable and is skinny but still has an amazing body. Plus he’s one of the stars of my favorite TV shows, Supernatural. He’s one of the few celebs I’d go nuts if I saw in real life.
3. Have you ever had done anything sexual in your office or your place of employment? I’ve handled underwear while working at VS? Does that count? Nothing kinky though. No good stories there.

4. Do you apologize when you make a mistake? How do you react when someone calls you out? Depends on the mistake. If it’s something that hurt someone, then of course I will apologize. But if I’m wrong about information or a quote, I’ll probably insist I’m right until concrete evidence is given that proves otherwise. I’m a stubborn little bitch.
5. Top or bottom? Both? I like being on top, but there’s something about having someone bigger than you pressing his whole body against you that really turns me on.

Bonus: How old were you when you first had a willing sexual experience?  Willing? As in with another person? If it’s with another person and you exclude kissing as a sexual experience it would have been with X sometime towards the end of October last year, so I’d have been 18. Now, if it’s just ‘first willing sexual experience’ in general then I honestly don’t know. I discovered masturbation when I was quite young. We’re talking grade school young. It was something I did when I was upset or stressed though. I guess I hadn’t learned to connect it to sex at that time. I was probably in about 5th or 6th grade when I discovered what I was really doing and began to experiment. So, like 11ish? Maybe. I dunno.

Ride Me Slave?

2 09 2008

Per usual, X sent me a stupid link to a star wars parody comic last night and I stopped being mad at him.

He came over and we started watching Lost World but pretty soon he was pushing my shorts aside and teasing me. I kept squirming away from him. He decided he wanted to be dominant and I was all for that, except I was feeling bratty. I kept telling him I didn’t want him even as I ground my ass against him and when he pulled me on top of him he told me to ride him. I laughed and said no. He spanked my ass and told me to ride him, calling me slave. I gave him a look and said ‘no, master.’

At that he twisted my arms harshly behind my back, pulling me flush against him, still demanding I ride him. I just kept saying no and I could tell he was getting as turned on as he was frustrated. He held my wrists in one hand as he unzipped his pants and pulled my shorts aside. I held myself just far enough above him to let him rub against me. He kept trying to push me down onto his cock, but I fought it, growling and biting and twisting. Finally, I gave in and let him slide into me. And it felt so fucking good.

But I only let him fuck me a bit before I sat up and moved to the side, laughing at the look of surprise on his face. He pulled me on top of him once more and this time I didn’t fight quite as much. Once I was riding him again, I grabbed his face roughly and said, “you like this, master?’ the mocking was quite evident in my voice. He nodded and I smirked. “Or are you really the slave?”


I laughed and proceeded to inform him that while he’d been ‘master’ I hadn’t done a single thing that I didn’t want to do. He hadn’t forced me to do anything. He’d been the slave the whole time, my desires had been dictating what he got.

And so we fucked. And we fucked hard. I pulled at his hair and he had his arms around me so tight I almost couldn’t breath. And he gasped out that he was going to cum. And so I stood up, letting his cock slip out of me and I grabbed his hands, pinning them above his head. I told him he hadn’t earned the right to cum yet. He still had to make me moan. He just nodded and asked in a pathetic voice what he had to do.

We got on the floor and I rode him more. I stopped him once more, just before orgasm, and teased him until he begged. Finally I let him fuck me without abandon as he got close to the edge once again. And he gasped out, asking if his Mistress would swallow for him, since he’d been good. I obliged and as soon as he said he was about to cum, I took his cock into my mouth. He was rock hard and gasping as he shot his cum into my mouth, grabbing my head and forcing me further down onto his cock. I pulled my head off and stroked him, getting the last bit of cum out as he gasped and panted. His cock is very, very sensitive after he cums and I took advantage of that, milking his orgasm out just a bit longer.

He wasn’t coherent and able to get up for a good ten minutes and he wasn’t able to talk in more than one or two words for another five or ten after that.

I’m aggressive in bed, very much so. I’m challenging and I can be dominant. And damn does this boy get off on me being dominant. All you have to do is push him around a bit and call him slave and demand he fuck you hard, and he cums like no body’s business.