Ok Sex

6 09 2008

X is good in bed. Really good in bed. I now have something to compare it to.

Last night I went to the frat I used to hang out at all the time last year. I talked to all my guy friends there and BFJ and I proceeded to get drunk.

C, is a guy who I’ve made out with a few times before. He’s cute in a grungy sorta way. Not really my type. Smokes too much, drinks too much, gets high too much. But whatever. He’s intelligent and funny and amusing to hang around.

To make a long story short, C and I ended up having drunken sex last night. And it was okay. Not good but not horrible. I’ll type up the story of what happened another time, but I’m still hung over.

All I’ll say is that X has spoiled me. He’s really good in bed. Or else C just isn’t. And I’m also spoiled by the fact that X has a big cock. Like 9 inches. C’s was 5 or 6 at best. The sex was still good, but it just wasn’t what I needed. Though I do have some nice marks on my neck right now.

And honestly, I get more turned on thinking about how soft BFJ’s lips were when we made out than sex with C. Oops.

And I’m still hungover. More sleep.



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6 09 2008

If it was drunk sex then he wouldn’t have been at his best, just something to bear in mind.

7 09 2008

ok sex beats no sex I always thought!

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