11 09 2008

X is back with his girlfriend, apparently.

She’s coming in tomorrow for their three year anniversary. I’m just whatever about it. And for some reason today, I’m starting to figure out somethings between X and I. Which is slightly odd. And I’m actually kind of content with how things are in an odd way.

I was initially pissed at him this morning when I woke up, so when I went to meet him at the student center before class I was a total bitch. And then he got annoyed. And I snapped at him, telling him how pissed off I was about yesterday. He didn’t take that too well and snapped right back at me. Then we went back to eating breakfast and making fun of each other. He and I never stay mad for long.

So once in class, we were IMing the whole time, mostly talking about trying to get my friend sitting next to me, BFD, to fool around with us sometime. (Which she just might be willing to do. I brought up a threesome with X and I last night when we went on a late night walk and she said she’d totally be willing if she wasn’t a virgin) So X and I were discussing either waiting until she’s not a virgin (which won’t be too much longer, knowing her) or just having her fool around with us.

During our conversation, he asked me if I’d be pissed if he slept with her. I told him I would, even if it was just one time┬áto take her virginity so we could do a threesome. He asked why and I told him because I considered him to be mine. I had no right to consider him that, but I did and thus I was possessive. And he didn’t contest it. Just laughed and smiled. He asked if she knew we slept together even though he had a girlfriend. And of course I had told her, but I told him not to get mad at me about it like he did last spring. He told me not to worry. He was getting okay with it. It, I think, meaning people knowing he has a girlfriend yet is also with me.

So I don’t know. Things, as odd as it is, are pretty good right now. Yeah, he’s still with his girlfriend but I think he’s getting comfortable with the idea of people knowing about us too.

After sex this evening, we were cuddled up on my bed looking for Halloween costumes for me. He’s really pushing for me to go as a sexy Princess Leia, either the slave girl or in her white dress. But he’s be okay with a nurse or a french maid or Alice or a bumblebee. But anyway, it was just nice to lay there with him, his arm around me and an occasional kiss to my cheek or neck.



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11 09 2008

well sounds like its getting better over there.

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