HNT: T-Shirts

11 09 2008

Sorry this isn’t very fun this week. And Sorry for the lack of post last week.

I’ve been going through a lot of shit this week and I’m just so mind fuckingly exhausted from it all. Plus, my camera is dead and I’m too lazy to upload the photos on there.


So enjoy this lovely one. I love just walking around in a t-shirt and nothing else. It’s even more fun when it’s the guy you just fucked’s shirt. ;D



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11 09 2008

Read your dilemmas earlier. Hang in there–emotions are a tricky tricky thing.

Also–be sure you don’t catch a cold dressed like that!

11 09 2008
An Artist Exposed

Y9u have legs I would never tire of drawing. HHNT and hope that things settle down soon.

11 09 2008

What a lovely sight that must be when your arms go up and the t-shirt goes up with it….

HHNT beautiful girl!

11 09 2008

I love walking around like that too. And you look perfectly sexy in it!!!

happyHNT, hang in there….

11 09 2008

It IS lovely, Phaedra, ALL of it! U oughta let Daddy kiss & make better what others kicked around this week. I have the perfect Tank Top for U shown in an earlier blog: It’s camouflage & says “Going Commando”. Write me & I’ll send it for a pic! OXOXO – Happy HNT!

11 09 2008
lapis ruber

If he’s still there, I bet the shirt doesn’t stay on for long :-) Happy HNT

22 10 2009

those are some hot legs sexy! matches that cute bum you got baby! I’m sure that photo would be better without that T-shirt! xoxoxo

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