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15 09 2008
  • First and foremost: Oh. My. Fucking. God. The two guys X shares an apartment with were gone for a few hours this afternoon and X and I had what is probably the MOST AMAZING sex we’ve ever had. Oh my god. I get turned on all over again just thinking about. Expect a post soon with details. Oh my god. Still reeling from the amazingness.
  • This is the first I’ve had Internet since early yesterday afternoon. We got hit with some of the after effects of Hurricane Ike. No storming or raining, just wind. Anywhere from 30-75 mph. My university actually issued warnings about not going outside because of branches and trees falling. We lost our power at about 3pm yesterday and didn’t get it back until sometime this morning. All our food in our fridge spoiled though we did get class off today. Sadly, there’s only one grocery store open in the area and it’s 20ish minutes away. X and I made a trip there this afternoon. Basically some 600,000 people still don’t have power and we’re apparently in a state of emergency right now. But we sent all our people down to go help Ike victims not suspecting that we were going to get hit so hard. My university is currently running off a backup generator and the main power could be off for another like 3 or 4 days. Gah.
  • Random, but X looks incredibly hot when he wears his underarmor shirt. Like, I want to jump you this second hot. Or maybe I’m just horny. Because when I first saw him today his hair was messy, he had prolly two days worth of scruff, he was wearing his underarmor shirt and my god did he look delectable.  Gah.
  • Apparently wearing a padded bra is akin to lying according to X. My response: You see my boobs all the time. You know what size they are. There’s no lying involved. Just inhancing.
  • Also, I need to fill my prescription for my birthcontrol ASAP. As in I should be starting a new pack today. But no stores are open. And I don’t know what to do. I might run to the health center tomorrow to see if they can fill it.



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16 09 2008

Wearing a padded bra is so NOT akin to lying. And I hardly think that X can preach on the subject of lying given his whole girl-friend situation!

Hope that everything gets better soon re: the hurricane. I’m thinking of you!


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