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20 09 2008

Yay! For the second time I made the Sugasm Top 3! :D It makes me smile knowing that people enjoying reading what I write.

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“I search to be a sexually free, independent and satisfied woman without the stigma of slut yet with the positive implications of slut.”

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20 09 2008

I rarely orgasm with X and sometimes, I’m not sure if I ever really have.

And it’s not that I don’t know what an orgasm is. Oh, believe me, I do. I have no problems getting myself off with my fingers or my vibrator. I can bring myself to the edge over and over again, letting my body cool down a bit each time before teasing myself again until I finally let myself cum. And we’re talking tingling in my toes, body shaking, vision darkening, gasping orgasms where I can feel tiny convulsions in my pussy for 10 to 15 minutes later. I’ve never had an orgasm even close to that with X.

To give him kudos, he has made me squirt twice now. And each time I’m starting to understand the mechanics of how it happens a little better. But other than that. Nothing. No body shaking or vision darkening with him. And I’m not saying I don’t enjoy sex with him, or that I’m not satisfied afterwards. I just don’t think I cum.

Most times, during sex, there gets to be a point where the sensations get so good and so intense that I feel like I can barely take anymore. I usually grip the bedsheets or X’s biceps as I tense up and demand more. And then without any hurrah it just lessens. Things aren’t so intense anymore and I can breath. It’s during those time that I’ve squirted. Which makes me think that the intensity and sudden decrease of it, might be a small orgasm. But it feels nothing like the orgasms I can give myself.

I’ve gotten the tingling in my toes and the warmth pooling in my gut that usually signifies an orgasm when I’m masturbating a few times with X too. It’s just that we’ve changed positions or he’s changed the angle and I’ve just lost it.

Seeing as X is the only guy, aside from my random one night thing a few weeks ago, I’ve slept with I really can’t be a judge but I don’t think it’s entirely X’s fault that I don’t orgasm. I honestly think it’s difficult to get me to cum. And sex is still amazing, and I still want it all the time. 

But still. I don’t know. What does everyone else think about this conundrum?