21 09 2008

While straddling X the other day to get to the other side of the bed, he got a good look down my v-neck t-shirt and grabbed my hips before I could finish moving.

 I sat up and looked at him funny and he pouted. I leaned over again and he grinned and called me a tease. I squeezed my arms together, pulled my shirt down a bit and pushed my breasts towards his face. Now you’re just being a whore, he laughed to me. Sometimes you can be a tease and sometimes you’re just a whore, I like that, he told me before kissing me. That just made me laugh, because I’ve honestly never considered myself a tease.

I can be a flirt. I can be a bitch. And I’ve actually found that alpha-male type men like when I’m a bitch. When I’m sarcastic and witty and laugh at their attempts to hit on me, they just follow me around like puppy dogs.

A good example of this is A. He’s two years out of college now, and is a musician. He and I have an ongoing flirtation. He comes into town every few months or so to play at the local bars uptown. He also happens to be an alum of the one frat I frequent. He always used to hit on me and grab my ass and get me good alcohol so I didn’t have to drink shit beer. I took the alcohol with thanks, but other than that, I was a total bitch to him. I even threw a drink on him once during a party.

He still hits on me. He acknowledges I’m a bitch but he keeps chasing after me. I find it amusing as all hell. Though I admit I don’t get why men find a snarky, independent, bitchy, aggressive girl like me attractive enough keep going after. I thought college-aged men were supposed to like their women vapid and submissive. I know in high school, guys were scared of me because I was smart. Though I had a tendency to hide behind my intelligence.

I guess my point is that I’m apparently good at being a tease without even really trying. Which is funny to me.



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21 09 2008

the reason the guys dig it is because of the chase. And nobody wants a ditzy chick well not for longer than a night or two anyway.
chicks are sexy.

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