Hockey Players

30 09 2008

I met a cute boy this weekend.

No letter for him though, because I doubt I’ll meet him again. We’ll just call him Hockey Player. He was a old fling of my one roommate’s and despite him being here to visit her, we hit it off really well. I flirted with him all night, though I was a good little girl and only danced with him once at the club. I also restrained myself from dragging him into my bedroom when my roommate ran to theĀ  bathroom at one point during the night.

He was my type. Skinny, tall, kinda geeky but not, glasses and snarky. We bonded over hockey.

He encouraged me to become a puck bunny and try and get in with the hockey players on my uni’s team.

He offered himself up when I said I’d like to sleep with a hockey player and my roommate just glared at him and said no way. I laughed it off but I was quite disappointed. He was quite attracted to me, if I must say so.

Such a waste that a hot guy like that came three hours just to fool around with my roommate. No emotions or feelings. Just fooling around because she’s a virgin and doesn’t do any more. He could have had fun with me. So, so, so sad.

Though I did fantasize about him sneaking into my room that night. Alas, it didn’t happen.



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30 09 2008

Well maybe he will sneak in your room next time!

30 09 2008

So why didn’t you sneak into HIS??

7 10 2008
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