Under the Bed Restraint System

14 12 2008


To begin, I really like this sex toy.

X and I have had SO much fun playing with this toy. You can read some accounts of us trying it out it here and here.

I have a bit of a side that enjoys BDSM type stuff, as regular readers have probably noticed. So this toy was a natural pick for me. The packaging was simple when I recived it, exactly as it’s shown in the photo on the website. Opening it was a bit intimidating seeing as it was a neat mass of black tethers and cuffs. I recruited X to help me set it up and honestly, it only took us roughly 5 or 10 mins. You slide it under the mattress and viola, you have your own little bondage bed.

We tried the restraints on X first and I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t really hold him down seeing as I only have a double bed and he’s 6′4ish. I had no problem with the cuffs fitting around his wrists and ankles, and they honestly held pretty well. Once he was on the bed, it only took a little bit of adjustment to get the restraints to the point where he was spread eagle on the bed. We really had fun with the toy and it did it’s job really well.

X says: This is really an amazing toy, we used it the first time with me being restrained, and my god it was quite possibly the best orgasm I have ever ALMOST had, 4 times…….  (to clarify, I teased him to the point of orgasm that many times)

Now, just today actually we tried the toy out on me. Mostly because I demanded that I needed to be restrained in order to review the toy properly. Hehe. The cuffs fit both my wrists and ankles as well as they had fit X’s. Though while X had willingly let me put them on him, I fought him the whole time he was restraining me. Now, I must mention that these are not made for people who are seriously into restraining or BDSM. After some struggling, it was easy to get the adjustable tethers to loosen up enough that I could manage to uncuff my hands. Despite this, the toy was very enjoyable.

X says: I’m disappointed I didn’t get to tickle her as much as I wanted.

Overall, I’ll give the under the bed restraint system an 8 for being fun, and exactly what was advertised.



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