31 01 2009

I love making him lose control.

My mouth is on his cock sucking him like there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. And right now, it’s true. I love going down on him. I love the feel and taste of him in my mouth. And honestly, I’ve been spoiled. In my opinion, he has a near perfect cock. Its long and thick and smooth and when I tease him as much as I’ve been doing, he gets rock hard.

As I try to take him all down my throat he twitches and I gag. I pull up, leaving a trail of saliva from my lips to his cock. I grin at him before my head dips back down, tongue swirling around the head before taking him in my mouth again. I bob up and down, my hand following my mouth, making sure I cover all of him.

“If you don’t stop it now, I’m going to just take you.” I lock eyes with him for a moment and run my tounge along the bottom of his dick. He gives me a stern look.

“I’m going to rape your ass if you don’t stop it,” he says this as a threat but I don’t take it as such. I give him a look that silently reminds him that he has no lube for anal at his apartment and thus there is no way his dick is going near my ass. I then resume teasing him. Despite the threat of anal rape, I want to see how far I can push him. I can’t help but toe the line. I can’t control the fact that I love pushing his buttons until he can’t resist anymore.

It doesn’t take too much longer. Only a few more minutes of teasing him with my mouth and he’s sitting up on the bed.

“I warned you…..”

I try to squirm away but he grabs me and pushes me to the top of the bed. I always forget how strong he is compared to me. I fight him as unbuckles my belt and pulls my underwear and jeans to my thighs in one tug. His pants are pushed down and there’s no warning as he presses my legs to my chest and slams his cock into me. I gasp, trying to keep quiet, not wanting his roommates to hear my whimpers.

He begins to fuck me relentlessly. My hands are on his ass and his thighs, pulling him further into me. I’m contorted on the bed, my body pressed back on itself as he takes what he wants from me. He bites my ear and tells me what a dity little slut I am. How I can’t get enough of his cock. All I can really do is nod as I begin to feel an orgasm building. He doesn’t stop his fast, hard, relentless fucking as my body tense and my hands grip his ass harder. He only slows for a minute when I cum, to press himself as hard and as deeply inside me as he can.

I get no reprieve because he starts the same rhythm again, moments later. He’s biting down on his lip as he fucks me. And he has this feral look in his eyes. He knows how hard he’s fucking me hurts but he doesn’t care. He’s the one in control, as paradoxical as that is. I’m the one who teased and tempted until he lost control. But he’s the one who is in firm control.

I cum one more time. And then he pulls out without finishing.

“Okay. I’m done,” and he grins at me.

I look at him astounded as he tucks his cock into his boxers and then zips up his pants. I fix my own clothes and just lay on his bed. My body is still on fire and I press my hands between my legs to relive some of the…..whatever it might be that’s making me still squirm.

I’m just reminded that I might make him lose it briefly, but in the end, he’s the one in total control.

Mundane Life Update

26 01 2009
  • Since my roommates are bitches and I’m sick of dealing with them I’m moving into a new apartment this week. So yeah. Might not be around that much. Ha. Lies. I’m addicted to the internet, who am I kidding.
  • New apartment has two outside walls, a wall bordering the stairwell and one wall in the apartment that has the bathroom, my door and my new roommate’s closet on it. Yay for being able to be loud, possibly, now. :D   Unpacking is a bitch though. So will getting my rug to the new apartment……ugh. (I have a big ass oriental rug that used to be in the dining room of my old house) X is helping me out. Probably should enlist the aid of more men.
  • Orgasm record is up to 17 now. I think X just likes besting his own record. We went at it for an hour and a half yesterday. I was seriously impressed.
  • Kissing has been at an all time high this week. There has been kissing from V, and then, I don’t know why, but there has been LOADS more kissing from X. This is both during sex and not. I will not complain in the least. I love, love, love kissing. Note to self: write post about kissing.
  • Anal has not been working his week. My ass is being finicky, no matter how slow we go and how worked up we get me, it just hasn’t been feeling right this week. :(
  • X is lame and offered to help me pack today. Instead he came over and feel asleep on my bed. The guy is utterly useless at times. (And you know I say that in the nicest way possible hun. Because I know you’re gonna read this. Lol.)
  • Brand new obsession with ‘The Guild.’ Felicia Day is my brand new celebrity crush. She’s ungodly, awkwardly adorable. <3 Watch the amazingness that is The Guild here.
  • Planning on dying my hair dark red this week. Hopefully ASAP. I get in moods where I need change. This will be said change. (And the red hair has NOTHING to do with my new found love of Felicia Day…..oh no………>.> )
  • Hopefully getting more piercings this week. I hope, I hope, I hope. At least getting good jewlery for my cartilage peircings that won’t fall out. Found a cute one with an ankh on it.

Sorry this was random. And it’s not like any of you really care about 99% of this. But it is my blog. And I enjoy writing out the mundane activities of my mundane life. ;D

Introducing V

25 01 2009

Well, X’s roommate, henceforth known as V, can officially be added to the cast list.

Dinner and a movie went well. We laughed, talked and just in general had fun. My Bloody Valentine was fucking scary. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped. V jumped just as much and it was really kinda cute. We drove around a bit and talked then picked my huge ass binder of DVDs (187) and went back to his/X’s apartment to watch one.

Now, X and V’s other roommate is not the brightest bulb in the box. I don’t think it registers in his brain that I have boobs and am a girl because he kinda treats me like another guy at times. He came into V’s room to inform him about the status of his current raid in WoW. And yes, I play Wow on occasion but even still, most of what he said was jargon. V was clearly kinda not interested in talking Wow. We picked out Eurotrip to watch and well what did the other roomie say? “Oh great!! I’ve never seen that movie all the way through! Lemme go log out and I’ll come watch!” V and I exchanged amused/annoyed looks and just went with it.

Once the movie was over and the other roommate in his room, V and I moved to his room. I sat on the bed and the awkward exchange began.

“So, what do you want to do now? We could stay here, I could take you home, we could watch another movie or play Xbox.”

“I dunno. What do you want to do?”

“I dunno. I asked you,” and after a few minutes of this exchange I stood up and took a step towards.

“Why are you standing up?”

“Because I feel like it. Does it bother you?”

“No, not at all.”

I took another two steps towards him. My face was getting closer to his.

“Do I make you nervous?”


“Good.” And at that point we both leaned in and kissed.

He has wonderful lips, I might add. They’re soft and just perfect for kissing.  Most of what we did was kiss, which was amazingly fun. I love, love, love kissing. I think because X and I have been having sex for a while now that we sorta just take kissing for granted and get down to sex. V kissed me like he hasn’t kissed anyone in forever. It was more than nice. Where X is aggressive, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE aggressive, V is gentle which was an interesting change. I was actually surprised at how long it took V to get my shirt off, but once he did I could instantly tell her was a boob guy. X likes my tits alot, but V, just the way he touched them and kissed them… was different.

At one point while making out, he ran his hands over my shoulders and back and told me to relax, I was too tense.   I informed him I was always tense.

One thing I REALLY had fun with was the fact that V loves biting. He commented on how much he loved that I use teeth when I kiss. And when I started kissing his neck… god did he turn into a shivering, moaning puddle. I’d nip and bite and suck at his neck and he’d grind up against me and quiver and moan. I really enjoyed that.

After a while he asked me to go down on him. I obliged gladly. I’ve come to realize that I just love having cock in my mouth. I love going down on guys. Nothing too exciting happened. I went down on him, he came on my chest.

He did reciprocate. Really, really well. We started off on the bed, but the beds that come with the apartment are redonkulously high and when he put my legs over his shoulders my hip started popping and getting painful. We switched to his computer chair which worked far, far better. Unlike X, V actually, honestly enjoyed going down on me. I sometimes doubt it if X really likes it or just likes it because it makes me happy. It was averagely enjoyable but then V added his fingers into the mix. And the way he fingered me was amazing……..his one finger kept rubbing my clit and I was a moaning pile of goo in seconds. I gripped his computer chair as he used his tongue and fingers on me and I came at least twice. Maybe three times.

But I was good. I did not have sex with him. Even though I wanted to.

Regardless, I think we’ll be hooking up again……I’ll keep everyone updated on how things go. :D

A New Addition to the Cast List, Possibly Tonight

23 01 2009

So, I’m semi-sort-kinda-I think-maybe going on a date with X’s roommate tonight.

We’re going to dinner and to see My Bloody Valentine. He’s also made it pretty clear he’s interested in hooking up with me. I have not been this nervous about a guy in a long time, probably not since I first started talking to X. Waterproof Jackrabbit

22 01 2009


Last week I mentioned that the Love Pacifier was my new favorite anal toy. Well, this week, I showcase my new favorite vaginal toy!

I have wanted a rabbit vibrator for AS LONG as I have known about them which is probably around…..4 years or so. The lovely Domina and have been so kind as to send me one to review.

Let me just preface this review with the fact that this toy can make me cum, if I’m moderately to really turned on, in less than3 minutes. And not a measly little orgasm either. But a nice, big, tingly fingertips, weak legs, gasping orgasm that leaves me feeling content and floaty for a good 20 minutes after.

When it comes to sex toys, the Waterproof Jack Rabbit combines three really great aspects you usually find separately or in twos in other sex toys.

One, the thing is waterproof. I tested this out yesterday in the shower. Not only could it take getting damp, but even holding it directly under the stream of water didn’t do anything to affect it. I can’t vouch for fully submerging the vibrator but something in me tells me that the seams that show on it mean that it probably would not survive a good soak. So, the toy is watersafe but not totally waterproof or submersible.

Two, it’s good for vaginal penetration. The shaft of the toy is thick but not too long, so you can really feel it when it’s inserted. It does have a few ‘pleasure bumps’ around the head, but I don’t personally think they add anything to the toy. What really adds to the vaginal portion of the toy is the ‘pleasure beads’ and the turning of the shaft. There are three speeds and they move the toy in a circular motion and also make a set of beads spin towards the lower portion of the toy. Combine that and a love of G-spot stimulation and oh my god you will love this toy. The only thing is that this portion of the toy makes it fairly loud. Not annoyingly so, but it’s not a toy to use with thin walls or a parent or relative in the other room.

Three, the clitoral stimulation is perfect. I find that my clit is kind of finicky. Some kinds of vibrations just don’t do it for me. This is not the case with this rabbit. The three speeds of vibration are PERFECT. And the ear of the vibe are flexible enough that you still get good, strong, constant vibrations even if you vary the depth of the toy by an inch or two. Compared to the vibrations of the Panty Tickler I reviewed a while back, these are strong and deep and intense. So intense that once I actually cum I have to jerk the toy to the side, away from my clit because it becomes so sensitive its painful. I’ve never had that with a vibrator before. And I like it like that. Though, like the rotations, the strong vibrations do make some noise.

There are only two minor problems I had with the toy. The pad at the bottom to change the speeds is very flat and thus when otherwise occupied, it can be hard to tell where the buttons are. Also, it is a noisy toy. It’s not whisper quiet. It does make a very distinct whirring sound, particularly when you’re like me and hold it firmly so the rotations hit your G-spot.

Other than that, I absolutely love, love, love this toy and I suggest every woman should get one. This is now officially my go to toy when I want a good, fast, hard orgasm.

Overall, despite being my new favorite toy, I’ll be giving this a 7 out of 10. While it has a lot of good features, it is quite loud.


20 01 2009

I would just like to say that I’m pretty sure I cross the double diget line tonight.

My former record was 8 or 9 which was pretty good. I casually mentioned the other night that we should try for double digits sometime. X just sort of laughed at me and we resumed whatever we’d been talking about.

We’ve found the best way to get me off is with me on top. This is also the only way we’ve figured out how to get me to squirt. When I’m on top I can position my hips at the right angle and once I cum once it’s like a fucking orgasm button. Sometimes it take a bit to get me to cum or squirt at first. But after that it’s quite literally orgasm after orgasm. X tells me there’s only roughly a minute or two between each orgasam. I usually am a bit too distracted to really pay attention.

But seriously. Tonight, we hit roughly 10 or 11. Possibly more considering there were at least two orgasms that had two orgasms that hit me almost at the same time. I usually stop trying to cum after four or five because I get tired and I switch to focusing on getting X off.  Sometimes I get off again while I’m getting him off. But tonight, he didn’t stop. He gripped my hips and just fucked me. Even when I tried to pull off of him he held me down.

Oh. My. God.

I’m quite content right now.

Pointless Updates

20 01 2009
  • School makes me want to cry. But then, that’s nothing new. Class from 9am to 5pm today with one break. Thank god one class was canceled.
  • Class at 11 got canceled so I could watch the Inauguration, too bad I have class at 1230….
  • X thinks we should have sex less often because he’s worried I’m getting too used to sex with him. I think that’s silly. Sex is sex. If I had time to find another guy moderately as fun as him, I prolly would have sex with him significantly less often. But school is killing me and I do not have a guy like that right now. X also said he’s worried he’s getting addicted to me. This just made me smile and feel badass.
  • Hormones are out of whack. Being a raging bitch and uncontrollably horny is not a very good combo……………..
  • I’m amused, X’s roommate asked for my number on Friday. Doubt he’s seriously interested though. Which is sad because he’s quite attractive. And also, invited me to see a movie. And invited my roommate too. Yeah. Don’t think he’s interested. Lol.
  • I need sex really badly. It’s been 5 days. ::pout::

Size 6

18 01 2009

I’ve always had a bad relationship with my body image.

I don’t remember actually being conscious of what my body looked like until I hit about 7th grade. It was like an awakening. All of a sudden I was paying attention to my body, looking at myself in the mirror and just wondering why I was like this. Looking at pictures from 5th grade I was a bean pole. I was tall and thin with long arms and legs that made me look gangly and kind of awkward. I was cute though. Innocent still. Looking at pictures from a few years later I’d gained weight. I was more rounded and pudgy.

I hit puberty and lost my father at about the same time. So not only was my body changing in ways I didn’t quite understand but I also was falling into the habit of eating my feelings. By the time I hit high school, I was 5′10 and 150lbs. That’s not bad, I know. But I still was overweight. And I was so self-conscious about it. I never understood why I couldn’t be skinny and pretty and popular like the other girls. I never thought I was pretty. I was okay. I wasn’t ugly. But men weren’t jumping up and down to hang out with me. For some reason I just didn’t get it.

So, I started wearing slightly crazy clothes to compensate: Bright colors, dinosaurs, lots of bracelets, scarves, vintage, punk, whatever I could get my hands on that wasn’t trendy.By senior year, I’d fallen out of that and instead I’d tried to cut back on what I ate. That helped a bit and I slimmed up by 5 lbs or so. I was a size 10 and okay with that. I wished I was skinnier but I was okay being a bit curvy. I was self-conscious about it but I figured I’d get over it.

My mother never helped. She constantly hounded me on my appearance and weight. She’d ask me if I looked the way I did because I didn’t want to be attractive. She’d ask me if I was afraid to look good. She’d grab the fat on my stomach and tell me to stop eating junk food. She’d threaten to ground me if I didn’t work out every night. She made me extremely paranoid about my appearance. She dissolved what little self confidence I had left in me.

Then I hit college. And honestly, in the almost two years I’ve been here, I’ve probably dropped 10 or 15lbs.  And I don’t get it. I haven’t changed much. I still don’t work out, though I walk a lot more because that’s how you get around campus. And my diet shifted of it’s own accord. I don’t eat as much as I used to and I naturally am drawn to healthier things.

I am now a size 6.

And you know what? I’m still not comfortable with my body.

I’m far more comfortable than I used to be but I still get moments of gut-wrenching sorrow and fear when I think of all the tiny, pretty, size 0 girls that parade on campus here. X even tells me that I’m gorgeous and beautiful by normal standards but my campus is know for having pretty people and well, I’m averagely pretty on this campus. (that’s not an insult at all, it’s true. so no bitching about how he’s a terrible person)

I used to think that being skinny was the key to being confident and accepting of your body. Now I know that’s far from true. Accepting and loving your body is far, far more than getting down to a goal size or weight. It’s far more than looking like girls in magazines. It’s more about knowing that no matter what size, shape or weight you are that someone out there finds you gorgeous and beautiful. To someone you are their ideal beauty.

I admit, I’m jealous of people like Curvaceous Dee and Dangerous Lilly who are curvy, beautiful and comfortable with themselves. I wish I could be like that. I wish I could just accept the body I have and be okay with it.

X has helped me with my body image though. Not sure if he knows that or not. Before coming to college, I didn’t think people found me attractive. But with each guy that showed interest in me, things changed. I began to see myself differently. X, out of all those men, has helped me the most. He makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and I can’t thank him enough for it.

But I still see skinny models. And actresses. And singers. And girls on campus here. And I wish I was shorter and thinner and prettier. I’ll look in the mirror one day and be shocked by the fact that I look thin when the day before I was convinced I was fat. It’s sickening because I know I shouldn’t be like this. I know that I should be comfortable with myself. And I fight with it. As I said I’m getting better. But it’s something so ingrained me I can’t shake it free. It’s embarrassing. People would love to have my body but my relationship with it is love/hate at best.

I’m a size 6 and some days I still feel fat.

I know it’s stupid when I think it, but that doesn’t mean I can stop the thoughts from coming.

[This post is not intended to be me whining about my size. I know I am thin. It's supposed to be more of an exploration of my personal body image and how even thin girls can have some seriously fucked up views of themselves.] Love Pacifier

18 01 2009


I have no problem admitting that this is now probably my new favorite anal toy.

I reviewed one anal toy a few weeks or so ago and while I liked it, it was lacking in a few departments. I requested this toy on the off chance that the shape would be more inclined to stay in without the help of mine or another’s hand.

The box this came in was simple, just as it’s shown above. Though the toy was a bit bigger than I initially anticipated. I suppose that’s why the word ‘ADVANCED’  is on the box. Ooops. A warning, however, this toy is not for beginners. When I first played with it I was rushing a bit and pushed it in too fast. This resulted in me tearing a bit of skin and having a tender ass for a few days. Seeing blood after you take out an anal toy is never a good feeling, even if it’s only a spot or two. So, go slow with this one.

Again, I REALLY like this toy. The only downside I’ve found is that when you lube it up, the thin bit that connects the ring to the bulb is flexible. So, when you try to push it in your ass it can get a little difficult to keep it going the right way. Other than that, once you get the Love Pacifier in it settles in a really comfortable spot. You can feel how big it is but since the neck of it is thinner, it doesn’t feel uncomfortably full.

X and I had fun playing with this the other night. We’ve been a bit hit and miss with anal sex. Sometimes I can take it, sometimes I can’t. We’ve found that plugs like this one really help to relax me. The first night we tried it out, we lubed my ass up and slid the sex toy in. And miraculously, it stayed in. I was right about the shape working better for our purposes. Once it was in, X fucked me. And oh god do I like having something up my ass while I’m getting fucked. It didn’t take me long at all to cum just from that. We took out the plug, I got on my hands and knees and he lubed his cock up. To both our surprise, he slid right in without any ’slow down’s or ‘wait, ow….’s from me.

So this toy really does work. For two different purposes too. One, it’s just a great feeling anal toy. And two, it helps relax and stretch you out. And on a side note, it’s silicone so it’s very easy to clean. When it comes to sex toys, this is a good pick. And cheap too.

I love this toy so it’s not hard for me to give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Best Sex Toy Reviewers List 2008 Nominations

17 01 2009

Domina Doll and Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek are teaming up to put together the (first annual?) Best Sex Toy Reviewers List for 2008 which will be featured right on Pleasurists!

Here are the rules:

We know a lot of reviewers, but we don’t know all of you out there, so that’s where you come in! We have many reviewers in mind already,bbut we are also looking for nominations from you all to give us a good idea of who you think is fit to be on the list of the best sex toy reviewers of 2008!

The nomination information:

* You can’t nominate yourself, but feel free to (and please do!) re-post this on your blog, that way your readers may want to nominate you for the list.
* If someone is already nominated you can nominate them as well. The nominations someone receives may factor in to the final listing, so nominate everyone, even if someone’s already mentioned them.
* To qualify the person must have reviews up (well, obviously). Preferably multiple reviews not just one or two.
* You can nominate as many reviewers as you’d like, but please keep in mind this is a list of the best of the best. So, try to give me the absolute best five or ten reviewers rather than a huge long list.
* Nominations are open until January 25th at 11:59pm PST and the list of reviewers will be posted January 31st.

Nominate your choices in the comments of this post! Or, if you would prefer your nominations to be private feel free to send an email to scarletsexgeek at gmail dot com.