Just in Case

1 01 2009


This little thing isn’t REALLY a sex toy.

Now, I think every woman has had a problem with storing condoms in their purses. Well, maybe not every woman, but I’m sure some have. Being 19 and still living in my mother’s house a few months out of the year has presented a few problems. My mom likes to rifle through my purse at odd times, random times. So it was never really safe for me to keep condoms just sitting in my purse or wallet.

This little thing really helps with that. It’s a square compact about the average size of one you’d get with eyeshadow or what not. The Just In Case mirrored compact opens up to reveal a nice sized mirror. Only if you look close can you see the notch to lift up the lid on the condom case. It’s the perfect size to keep about two condoms in it.

I let three different people look at it. A friend of mine from school thought it was nice and a neat way to keep condoms in a purse. Two other friends were not informed of it’s true purpose and used the mirror multiple times without guessing at what was inside. So, it does work. I’ve been using it in front of my mother and others and no one ever suspects what it is.

I went on the website for this toy and I really like what they are doing. They’re setting a positive image for sex safe. And plus, according to the little card that came with this case, a certain percentage of all proceeds go to women’s health and AIDs research organizations.

Overall, I give this condom case a 10 out of 10 for it’s usefulness and the fact that the company is doing more than just selling condom cases.

Happy Fucking New Year

1 01 2009

I’m drunk right now. Not gonna pretend otherwise.

It’s 2009 now. How do I feel about that? Apathetic.

Talking to my future step-dad on the ride home from a mother -daughter drubken bonding experience, I got to talking and thinking that I’m too damn good to settle. I deserve a guy who is fucking AMAZING and I shouldn’t have to settle for less. Yeah, sure, the guys at the party tonight were cute, some were even damn hot. But it doesn’t matter because 95% of them are stupid. And the one I actually would like to talk to and start something with is over 4 years olcer than me and graduating Law School right now. Or rtather, next semester. He doesn’t even look at me as something beyond a sibling/family friend sort of thing.

And X is dumb and in fucking Kansas with his fucking girlfriend. Whatever. I shouldn’t let it get to me, but during the holidays I can’t  help but think how much my family would love him if I brought him home. Like that’ll even happen. Ha!

I feel blah. 13 or 14 drinks into New Years was not my best idea. But doing shots with my mother is fucking hysterical.

Happy 2009 Everyone!!