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3 01 2009
  • I may or may not have left my bra in X’s bedroom before break. I don’t remember because silly things like that slip my mind while things like how nutmeg can actually be used as a hallucinogenic drug stick in my mind. He’s stopping there with the girlfriend to sleep tonight since he’s been driving back from wherever the hell he was for like 10 hours now. It would only be three hours more to just drive home. I don’t get why he wouldn’t but whatever. Part of me hopes I did leave my bra there and that she finds it just because it would amuse me a bit. But then I’d feel bad and guilty and etc. So I do hope I did grab it. But I only brought like 2 of my bras home for break. The one in question was obviously not one. I hope it’s at my apartment.
  • I am now on Twitter!! Come follow me and you too can experience my random thoughts and rants in a mini, 140 words or less, format!! You get spared the long winded versions I usually give X. :D
  • I NEED sex. It’s getting to the point where I’m nearly perpetually horny. Not fun.
  • I need to get home aka back to school. My mother hasn’t noticed yet but I’m slowly but surely bringing more and more of my things to school everytime I am in town. This makes it easier to not come home because then I don’t have to go home just to get things.
  • I’ve been toying around in my head possibly trying to get a position on my school newspaper writing sex/relationship articles. I dunno if it would even work but our paper doesn’t have something like that.  Not that I’m the most qualified person ever. I’ve only been having sex a little over a year and I’ve never been in a real relationship but I guess I just feel like I know. People come to me for relationship advice or sex advice and they seem to trust what I have to say. This just reinforces my theory that there are two things I’m really good at in life: Arguing and Sex. It’s so true. I seem to be a natural at both.
  • I feel myself getting depressed again. Being home is toxic and it just pulls me in more and more. My mother warps in new, odd ways every time I’m home. She complains I don’t spend enough time with her so I call off my last two days of work (I’ve NEVER called off work) so I can spend time with her and she gets pissed and tells me ‘Why didn’t you ask me first. Maybe I had PLANS that didn’t involve YOU for the next two days.’ Wow. Thanks mom. I’ve been sleeping a fuck ton and napping too just because time goes faster when I’m unconscious. I can’t stand being home. I start getting my reoccurring nightmares when I’m home. They all have a common theme. I do the same thing, over and over again with the same results. I have no control over this. I have to save people. Usually my family. And I get a panicked feeling in my chest, where it gets tighter and hard to breath because I NEED to save the person (usually my little brother) so badly that it hurts me. I never end up saving anyone. And in the one dream I don’t have to save anyone, I can’t stop myself from jumping off a set of stairs over and over again. It’s fucked up. And driving me nuts. I need to NOT stress.
  • I love that my Google Reader has my own damn blog as my ‘Top Recommendation.’ It makes me giggle.
  • I also love that I have now officially taken precedence over the Phaedra from Greek mythology on google. Sorta. Google Phaedra and I don’t even show up in the top 10 pages. Google Pheadra Fallen and where I used to be on the second page, I now am the second link after my Blog Catalog listing. :D



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3 01 2009
Pandorean Slut

I feel your pain being home from school. I think the bliss of being out of the dormitories only lasted about three days for me, and now it has completely faded. Just came across your blog. I’m always interested to read about other college-age girls and their sexploits! I hope you get a space in the school newspaper. If it’s anything like my college’s, the section you write will be the most interesting by far. ;)

6 01 2009

Phaedra, thanks for your replys over at my blog: Natesplace.wordpress.com I’ll take a look at that site you mentsioned to me (sextoy.com).

Anyway, I was able to get April over to my place last night…and it was a good night. I’ll be sharing that story later.


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