Panty Tickler

4 01 2009


Hate to say it but this Panty Tickler does just that, it tickles.

I thought this would be a fun sex toy because it can clip in your panties and buzz away. I could think of myriads of interesting things to do with this toy. Sadly, it didn’t end up living up to those expectations.

To begin, it is nice that the toy comes with batteries, but those batteries are watch batteries which are small and can run out quickly. It did come with enough to fill the toy twice, so that was thoughtful.  Getting the batteries in was a BITCH. The little plastic sleeve the bullet comes in has to be removed to put the batteries in the damn thing. It took me a good fifteen minutes to shimmy the fucking thing off enough to put the batteries in. It’s good that it’s tight because you don’t want it slipping off while using, but they could have made it easier to get to the batteries.

I was honestly surprised that the magnet actually worked. The little ladybug bugger actually will stay put. But the weight can drag loose panties down. Another problem is that the ladybug is kind of big. Maybe the size of a Snapple cap. So if you’re wearing tight pants you can really sorta tell something is down there.

My biggest problem, however, is the vibrations. I don’t think X got me when I tried to explain the difference between these vibrations and and the vibrations in my other two vibes. For one, being a tiny toy it has strong vibrations. Really strong. But they’re LIGHT, if that makes sense. They’re not deep vibrations you can really feel. They’re just……..tickling. They don’t turn me on, they make me giggle a bit. I just a need harder vibrations. That doesn’t mean this toy isn’t bad though. Oh no. If you’re the kind of person who likes a lighter vibration in a toy then this is for you. Wear it with a skirt and in a fairly noisy place like a busy restaurant or something similar and no one will be the wiser. But it has to be in a place with background noise because this toy is NOT silent. It has a fairly loud buzz.

Overall, I give this toy a 7 out of 10. It’s a good toy with one big flaw (the difficulty of getting batteries in) that I overall didn’t enjoy. But I think someone of a different temperament might enjoy it more. I think I like my sex toys intense. This just wasn’t intense enough for me.