Belated New Years Resolutions

7 01 2009

Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s what? The 7th I think? I’m a bit late in doing this but whatever.

I figured maybe, for once, I should actually write up some resolutions for this year since maybe I’d actually try to follow them for once in my life.

1. Get a psychiatirst, therapist, counsler, quack, whatever you call it person to talk to and stick with it. I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’ve realized that maybe, just maybe, I’m too messed up in the head to deal with all my problems by myself.

2. Only skip 5 of each class. Yeah, I know. That’s a lot of classes to skip. But considering I was too depressed this time last year to even really make it to most of my classes, this is a good plan.

3. Save my money instead of spending it so that I can get an apartment down here and live on my own, hopefully, next summer.

4. Study more. I really need to work on that.

5. Actually work out. I’ve got a good body, but it would be even better if I just got to the gym (which is RIGHT next door. Not even a 2 min walk for me).

6. Get my writing out there more. Network this site. I want people to read me.

7. Explore the possiblity of bisexuality. The more I think about it and how I am, the more I think it’s possible. I just need to have experience to really know.

8. Comment on other’s blogs more. I’m too lazy sometimes. I need to stop being lazy.

Well, I guess I’ll come back this time next year and see how well I’ve actually done with these resolutions.



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7 01 2009

8 and 6 go hand in hand – comment a lot and you get a lot of people clicking through :) My readers are about 50/50 between people coming from typing in the address or clicking a bookmark and people clicking over from another site, usually a blog.

I really want to skip less lectures too, other than that I’m pretty happy with keeping things the same…

Very true about 8 and 6 going hand in hand. I really want to work on commenting more. My biggest comment hindering thing used to be I read my blogs with X nearby or in class. Now that X reads my blog, I can have him comment with me!

Yeah. Skipping classes ends up KILLING me. I get B’s or C’s when I could get A’s. :(


7 01 2009

If you don’t mind random buttinsky comments from a random blog-readin’ guy from the internet:

1)Definitely do so! As certified damaged goods, I’ve been paying a shrink to listen to me bitch and moan for almost three years now. At best, she’s been helpful in terms of me getting a little more well and maybe growing some; at worst, she’s getting paid to listen, so I have a captive audience for 45 minutes a week.

2)I agree. A goal that you actually have a shot at attaining is way better than saying ‘I won’t skip any classes’, which of course immediately goes to hell. Baby steps dude, baby steps.

3)Sounds like a good plan. An apartment of one’s own is high on the list of necessary things. But I’ve never been a fan of roommates. One likes to be able to wander around naked.

4)Fuck yeah. Maybe try to schedule it, like 1/2 hr a night, or an hour a night, followed by a reward?

5)Fuck yeah. And, trust me, it is GREAT for depression. Plus there are lots of hot bodies to look at at the gym. And go home with, yes…?

6)Absol-fucking-lutely. You are a talented writer, you’ve got interesting things to say and you express yourself well. Get it out there!

7)It’s a dull gate that only swings one way.

8)Well that’s what I’m doing. Commenting on others’ blogs, I mean. The ‘I need to stop being lazy’ thing, now I’m not so sure about that one. Seems kind of big and intangible and therefore unlikely to actually happen. Baby steps.

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