8 01 2009

My first mistake was reading this post by Thursday’s Child.

One look at the gorgeous picture gracing the top of the post and it wasn’t hard to let myself begin to lust. Not after Thursday’s Child (though that would be easy to do) but after that corset. Or simply a corset in general. A tight fitting corset hugging my body, pushing my breasts up…..just the idea of it makes me feel seductive and sexy.

I informed X I wanted a corset. And I sent him the link to Thursday’s entry. He loved it. And I still loved the idea of a corset.

“I’d love to dominate you in that corset,” he told me after I sent him a link to the affordable corset on the Fredrick’s of Hollywood website. A poor college girl can’t be picky and get an expensive one. Even if she wants an expensive one terribly bad. Horribly bad.

“I’d tie you up,” he told me.

“And spank you hard.” I was squirming in my seat as each word popped up on my screen.

“Bite you, and kiss your back and neck.”

That’s all it took to get my mind wandering to dirty places. Places where I was kneeling on a bed, a corset tight around me. Where I’m pushed to the bed by a hand in my hair, told that I’m a dirty little slut who is going to love sucking the cock in front of me while I’m violated by another from behind.

And in a flash, the rolls are reversed. X is spreadeagled on my bed, hands and feet cuffed tight to the frame. His hard cock rest against his stomach, twitching slightly as I run the crop up and down his body. I run it across is his cock and I can hear him suck in a breath. Blindfold in hand, I reach up to stroke his hair in a comforting manner.

“Don’t worry slave, your Mistress will take care of you.”

The last image he sees before the darkness of the blindfold over takes him is his gorgeous Mistress standing over him. Her corset pushing her breasts up matching perfectly with the lacy thigh highs and fuck me heels that accentuate her long legs.

Sigh. I want. No. I need a corset. X said he take me to the nearest Fredrick’s on Sunday so I can procure a cheap one. But honestly, where does one look to find a quality one? I’m looking to save up simply because I won’t stop thinking about it until I get a high quality one.



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8 01 2009

mmmm…corsets are incredibly sexy.

i hope you get one and will be generous enough to model it for us.

X is supposed to be bringing his camera back to school with him. So if I end up getting one, I’ll be sure to post some pictures.


8 01 2009
Sara Bee

I’ve had great success with House of Worship ( The prices are reasonable for what you get. There are plenty of fantastic corset makers out there, though. Just be sure to do your research, and wherever you go, get it custom made to your measurements! It makes a huge difference!

I just checked them out and they do have some nice corsets. I INSTANTLY started drooling over the gorgeous black with white lace dress they have pictured on the front page. Thank you for the link!


8 01 2009

I think this is one of those times when the expensive one will be well worth the price: don’t waste your money on the affordable version. Save you milk money! You’ll look ravishing in it. And while your at in, save up for a good strap-on rig too! (or a ’strapless strap-on’ like the Nexus or the Share or something)

But the thing is, I have enough money right now left over from xmas to get an affordable one. As much as I desperately want an expensive one, it’s just not realistic to spend that much money when there are other things I need far more for school. As for the strap-on, I’ll prolly just eventually request to review one, thus getting it for free. :D


8 01 2009

Took me a bit to recall the company name, but Stormy Leather is one that I have heard really good things about. I’ve known a few women who own one and they are very good quality.

This is the one I’ve coveted for quite some time:

Oooo. I can see why you covet it.

The corsets on that site are nice. I’ll need to save the link and either lust after one for another 5 or 6 years until I’m done with school and have a job where I will hopefully make enough to buy one or just hope that I meet a man with enough disposable income to buy me one. Lol. I’m betting I’m just going to have to wait.

Thanks for the link.
<3 Z

8 01 2009
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8 01 2009
Thursday's Child

Hey honey, I recommend Alter Ego Erotics for a good leather corset on a budget. They are an ebay seller, and they have very reasonable prices and really good quality corsets – the one shown in my post is actually from them. It’s a nice step between a Frederick’s corset with plastic stays that won’t last and a custom made corset – the Alter Ego corsets have steel stays and can be tightlaced. After I got my leather one, I don’t even wear my Frederick’s ones anymore – they just don’t fit the way I like. Hope that helps!

8 01 2009

Try They do custom or off-the-peg, and they will do international shipping. I have a corset from there and I love it so much…you might need to save your money, but so so worth it!

10 01 2009

I have a Vollers corset (the one I wore in the calendar) and I can’t emphasize enough the difference between a real ocrset and a bustier (something like Frederick’s sells). Of course, the issue of price is most valid, and I do think a good way to start off is with a midrange corset you can find on ebay. Only issue is that you will be hooked and, like me, want another and another and…

14 01 2009
Torque is where my girlfriend’s are from.

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