6 Months

8 01 2009


This break has been hellish and I’m so glad to be back at school. But because of said hellish break, I totally missed my little blog’s 6 month birthday!!

January 1st was Phaedra Fallen’s 6 month birthday. This is exciting. And a lot has changed over six month.

-X broke my heart, I stopped talking to him, and I started talking to and sleeping with him again.

- I’ve aquired more sex toys than I thought I’d ever really own. :D

- I’d like to think I’ve grown maturity-wise as a person.

-I’ve learned how to squirt with the help of my wonderful best friend, X.

- I’ve lost friends over our differing views and morals.

- I’ve upped my partner count to a grand total of 2.

- I’ve had more men interested in me than I have had in my life.



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11 01 2009

Yay! That’s an adventurous six months, let’s see what the next six bring! xxx

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