8 01 2009


I rashly decided today that I wanted to be able to customize my site more. I am failing at this. Epically. I have NO clue what I’m doing and it’s just a tab bit frustrating. It’s also making me realize that I could prolly make a shit ton of money if I went to school for web design. I wish X was here so he could use his uber-ITness to help me out. But I have a feeling he wouldn’t really be that big of a help. Sigh. I need to stop jumping into things head first.



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9 01 2009

Actually, I have to respectfully disagree: though undoubtedly frustrating, I really do think that diving into things head first is the best way to learn. Most things; rock climbing, kinky sex, web design (maybe not calculus, at least not for me, but that’s another story). Persevere dude. Especially if (in between the annoyance and frustration) you actually enjoy it. If you teach yourself you’ll know it WAY better than someone who went to school for it!

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