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8 01 2009


[Picture taken from the House of Worship webite. I take no credit]

I am in love with this dress.

One of my commenters on my post about corsets gave me the link to this website and oh. my. god. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. My second thought after seeing this dress was ‘if this was white or creame this would be my perfect wedding dress.’ If I ever end up getting married, that is.

So I’m saving this picture and website on the off chance that when I get married, I’ll have a big enough budget to inculde getting a similar dress.



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8 01 2009

Nice! I think the white wedding dress thing is WAY over-rated, personally. I wonder if that one comes in blood-red? But if you got married in that, you risk giving your mother a heart attack. (on second thought… when/if you ever get married, don’t sweat the mom thing. Always remember, it is YOUR wedding and YOUR life.)

9 01 2009
Sara Bee

No problem! I own their pointed waist cincher in a lovely pinstripe, and it is my baby. It certainly does add an extra dimension to being tied up :)

I’m also currently a poor college student, but when I do start making money, I might consider having my next corset made by Puimond ( I’m in love with their longline corset designs and their execution in patent leather!

If you want, we can talk corsets or whatever through email. I’ve also friended you on Twitter, my username should be fairly obvious. From what I’ve read, we seem to have quite a bit in common.

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