9 01 2009

Did you all know I have an identical twin?

Mhmm. Mhmm. I do. Her name is Kara and she’s roughly 10 minutes older than me. She doesn’t go to the same University as me so I don’t get to see her terribly often. We talk a good deal though. I think I got the slut gene in my family because she’s far, far more innocent than I ever was. Despite only losing my virginity last year and not having very much experience myself, I was still a slut waiting to happen. I knew about everything and I couldn’t wait to do everything. Kara on the other hand, well. She’s had more boyfriends than I’ve had. I think the tally is 4 to 0. That might simply be because I tend to go for the jerks and she tends to go for the nice guys. Ick.

Well, nice guys haven’t gotten her very far. She’s still a virgin who thinks blow jobs are icky. Sigh. She takes being innocent a little to far, playing it up. I love her but it makes me gag a bit. That’s why X and I have devised a plan.

It’s a terrible, evil little plan, but we’ll both have fun with it. I basically am going to set him up with the opportunity to seduce my twin. I’m going to let him try to get in her pants and bring out the slut in her. I don’t know if it will actually work but I want him to try.

[Disclaimer: No. I do not infact have a twin. Yay for roleplaying. Thus, all sex/seduction will be consensual. Is it sad that I'm ungodly excited to take up a different persona? I need to convince X to do this more often.]



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9 01 2009

Hooray for roleplaying indeed! That beats D&D all to shit!

9 01 2009

Aww.. I got all wide-eyed and excited.

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