Waterproof Jackrabbit

22 01 2009


Last week I mentioned that the Love Pacifier was my new favorite anal toy. Well, this week, I showcase my new favorite vaginal toy!

I have wanted a rabbit vibrator for AS LONG as I have known about them which is probably around…..4 years or so. The lovely Domina and have been so kind as to send me one to review.

Let me just preface this review with the fact that this toy can make me cum, if I’m moderately to really turned on, in less than3 minutes. And not a measly little orgasm either. But a nice, big, tingly fingertips, weak legs, gasping orgasm that leaves me feeling content and floaty for a good 20 minutes after.

When it comes to sex toys, the Waterproof Jack Rabbit combines three really great aspects you usually find separately or in twos in other sex toys.

One, the thing is waterproof. I tested this out yesterday in the shower. Not only could it take getting damp, but even holding it directly under the stream of water didn’t do anything to affect it. I can’t vouch for fully submerging the vibrator but something in me tells me that the seams that show on it mean that it probably would not survive a good soak. So, the toy is watersafe but not totally waterproof or submersible.

Two, it’s good for vaginal penetration. The shaft of the toy is thick but not too long, so you can really feel it when it’s inserted. It does have a few ‘pleasure bumps’ around the head, but I don’t personally think they add anything to the toy. What really adds to the vaginal portion of the toy is the ‘pleasure beads’ and the turning of the shaft. There are three speeds and they move the toy in a circular motion and also make a set of beads spin towards the lower portion of the toy. Combine that and a love of G-spot stimulation and oh my god you will love this toy. The only thing is that this portion of the toy makes it fairly loud. Not annoyingly so, but it’s not a toy to use with thin walls or a parent or relative in the other room.

Three, the clitoral stimulation is perfect. I find that my clit is kind of finicky. Some kinds of vibrations just don’t do it for me. This is not the case with this rabbit. The three speeds of vibration are PERFECT. And the ear of the vibe are flexible enough that you still get good, strong, constant vibrations even if you vary the depth of the toy by an inch or two. Compared to the vibrations of the Panty Tickler I reviewed a while back, these are strong and deep and intense. So intense that once I actually cum I have to jerk the toy to the side, away from my clit because it becomes so sensitive its painful. I’ve never had that with a vibrator before. And I like it like that. Though, like the rotations, the strong vibrations do make some noise.

There are only two minor problems I had with the toy. The pad at the bottom to change the speeds is very flat and thus when otherwise occupied, it can be hard to tell where the buttons are. Also, it is a noisy toy. It’s not whisper quiet. It does make a very distinct whirring sound, particularly when you’re like me and hold it firmly so the rotations hit your G-spot.

Other than that, I absolutely love, love, love this toy and I suggest every woman should get one. This is now officially my go to toy when I want a good, fast, hard orgasm.

Overall, despite being my new favorite toy, I’ll be giving this a 7 out of 10. While it has a lot of good features, it is quite loud.