Introducing V

25 01 2009

Well, X’s roommate, henceforth known as V, can officially be added to the cast list.

Dinner and a movie went well. We laughed, talked and just in general had fun. My Bloody Valentine was fucking scary. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped. V jumped just as much and it was really kinda cute. We drove around a bit and talked then picked my huge ass binder of DVDs (187) and went back to his/X’s apartment to watch one.

Now, X and V’s other roommate is not the brightest bulb in the box. I don’t think it registers in his brain that I have boobs and am a girl because he kinda treats me like another guy at times. He came into V’s room to inform him about the status of his current raid in WoW. And yes, I play Wow on occasion but even still, most of what he said was jargon. V was clearly kinda not interested in talking Wow. We picked out Eurotrip to watch and well what did the other roomie say? “Oh great!! I’ve never seen that movie all the way through! Lemme go log out and I’ll come watch!” V and I exchanged amused/annoyed looks and just went with it.

Once the movie was over and the other roommate in his room, V and I moved to his room. I sat on the bed and the awkward exchange began.

“So, what do you want to do now? We could stay here, I could take you home, we could watch another movie or play Xbox.”

“I dunno. What do you want to do?”

“I dunno. I asked you,” and after a few minutes of this exchange I stood up and took a step towards.

“Why are you standing up?”

“Because I feel like it. Does it bother you?”

“No, not at all.”

I took another two steps towards him. My face was getting closer to his.

“Do I make you nervous?”


“Good.” And at that point we both leaned in and kissed.

He has wonderful lips, I might add. They’re soft and just perfect for kissing.  Most of what we did was kiss, which was amazingly fun. I love, love, love kissing. I think because X and I have been having sex for a while now that we sorta just take kissing for granted and get down to sex. V kissed me like he hasn’t kissed anyone in forever. It was more than nice. Where X is aggressive, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE aggressive, V is gentle which was an interesting change. I was actually surprised at how long it took V to get my shirt off, but once he did I could instantly tell her was a boob guy. X likes my tits alot, but V, just the way he touched them and kissed them… was different.

At one point while making out, he ran his hands over my shoulders and back and told me to relax, I was too tense.   I informed him I was always tense.

One thing I REALLY had fun with was the fact that V loves biting. He commented on how much he loved that I use teeth when I kiss. And when I started kissing his neck… god did he turn into a shivering, moaning puddle. I’d nip and bite and suck at his neck and he’d grind up against me and quiver and moan. I really enjoyed that.

After a while he asked me to go down on him. I obliged gladly. I’ve come to realize that I just love having cock in my mouth. I love going down on guys. Nothing too exciting happened. I went down on him, he came on my chest.

He did reciprocate. Really, really well. We started off on the bed, but the beds that come with the apartment are redonkulously high and when he put my legs over his shoulders my hip started popping and getting painful. We switched to his computer chair which worked far, far better. Unlike X, V actually, honestly enjoyed going down on me. I sometimes doubt it if X really likes it or just likes it because it makes me happy. It was averagely enjoyable but then V added his fingers into the mix. And the way he fingered me was amazing……..his one finger kept rubbing my clit and I was a moaning pile of goo in seconds. I gripped his computer chair as he used his tongue and fingers on me and I came at least twice. Maybe three times.

But I was good. I did not have sex with him. Even though I wanted to.

Regardless, I think we’ll be hooking up again……I’ll keep everyone updated on how things go. :D



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26 01 2009

OOOooo… Competition is always a good thing. I wonder how X will take this.

26 01 2009

Sounds like a pretty fun time!
I’m also curious to see how X will take this bit of news.
Keep us posted!

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