31 01 2009

I love making him lose control.

My mouth is on his cock sucking him like there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. And right now, it’s true. I love going down on him. I love the feel and taste of him in my mouth. And honestly, I’ve been spoiled. In my opinion, he has a near perfect cock. Its long and thick and smooth and when I tease him as much as I’ve been doing, he gets rock hard.

As I try to take him all down my throat he twitches and I gag. I pull up, leaving a trail of saliva from my lips to his cock. I grin at him before my head dips back down, tongue swirling around the head before taking him in my mouth again. I bob up and down, my hand following my mouth, making sure I cover all of him.

“If you don’t stop it now, I’m going to just take you.” I lock eyes with him for a moment and run my tounge along the bottom of his dick. He gives me a stern look.

“I’m going to rape your ass if you don’t stop it,” he says this as a threat but I don’t take it as such. I give him a look that silently reminds him that he has no lube for anal at his apartment and thus there is no way his dick is going near my ass. I then resume teasing him. Despite the threat of anal rape, I want to see how far I can push him. I can’t help but toe the line. I can’t control the fact that I love pushing his buttons until he can’t resist anymore.

It doesn’t take too much longer. Only a few more minutes of teasing him with my mouth and he’s sitting up on the bed.

“I warned you…..”

I try to squirm away but he grabs me and pushes me to the top of the bed. I always forget how strong he is compared to me. I fight him as unbuckles my belt and pulls my underwear and jeans to my thighs in one tug. His pants are pushed down and there’s no warning as he presses my legs to my chest and slams his cock into me. I gasp, trying to keep quiet, not wanting his roommates to hear my whimpers.

He begins to fuck me relentlessly. My hands are on his ass and his thighs, pulling him further into me. I’m contorted on the bed, my body pressed back on itself as he takes what he wants from me. He bites my ear and tells me what a dity little slut I am. How I can’t get enough of his cock. All I can really do is nod as I begin to feel an orgasm building. He doesn’t stop his fast, hard, relentless fucking as my body tense and my hands grip his ass harder. He only slows for a minute when I cum, to press himself as hard and as deeply inside me as he can.

I get no reprieve because he starts the same rhythm again, moments later. He’s biting down on his lip as he fucks me. And he has this feral look in his eyes. He knows how hard he’s fucking me hurts but he doesn’t care. He’s the one in control, as paradoxical as that is. I’m the one who teased and tempted until he lost control. But he’s the one who is in firm control.

I cum one more time. And then he pulls out without finishing.

“Okay. I’m done,” and he grins at me.

I look at him astounded as he tucks his cock into his boxers and then zips up his pants. I fix my own clothes and just lay on his bed. My body is still on fire and I press my hands between my legs to relive some of the…..whatever it might be that’s making me still squirm.

I’m just reminded that I might make him lose it briefly, but in the end, he’s the one in total control.



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3 02 2009

Very Hot Z! Nice story… It must have taken a LOT of willpower on his part to not come inside you. The only quibble I have is with the empty threat thing… If it were ME licking a girl’s pussy and she threatened to turn me over and rape my ass if I made her come, I would want there to be a very real possibility that she might just flip me over, smear lube on my asshole, and violate the living hell out of me. Ya know?

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