A Girl Can’t Have Too Many Lacy Things

6 02 2009

Lingerie love, like real love, lasts longer than Valentine’s Day — after all, there are 364 other days (and nights) of the year, and you shouldn’t be without sexy lingerie for any of them.

Guess who would like to help you with that?

Why it’s little ol’ Slip of a Girl, of course — with the help of Flirty Lingerie.

Together they’re celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a contest — which will deliver the winner the goods after the holiday, so that you can keep the love and lust alive well past the holiday.

What can you win? A $200 shopping spree to Flirty Lingerie!

Oh God would I have fun if I won that.

flirtylingerie_2039_923631460To begin I’d die to have this sexy little camisole set. I don’t have any pajamas that are cute like this while still being sexy. I sleep in sweat pants and t-shirts. I think I need to update a bit.


You can’t leave out a fun costume! X has a little bit of a nurse fetish and I just haven’t had the money to indulge him. This nurse costume was actually almost my Halloween Costume this year. Maybe this could be next years….;)


A girl can never have enough  clubbing tops and this strappy little piece would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

If you’re interested in this great contest go check out A Slip of a Girl for more details!

Sextoy.com: Deep Throat Oral Desensitizer

6 02 2009


I don’t like giving bad reviews. I really don’t.

I’d much rather test a sex toy and be able to go on and on about how great it is and how every woman should have one. But sometimes a product just doesn’t wow, and instead and it kind of flops.

This deepthroat spray did just that. I requested it because I figured I should try out something from the Lotion & Lubes category and because I have problems deep-throating X and I wanted to see if this stuff would work. Well, it doesn’t. At least not for me. I’m pretty good at being able to repress and control my gag-reflex but this didn’t help at all. X and I came to the conclusion that he’s too thick and it’s not about numbing my gag reflex so much as it’s about actually stretching my throat.

But that wasn’t the biggest problem I had with this product. I actually had a lot of problems with this product.

  1. It tastes fucking NASTY. I can usually stand most icky flavors but this is just gross. It’s akin to the worst tasting cough syrup you’ve ever tasted in your life. It tastes like the cough syrup Satan uses to torture people in hell with. It honestly is that disgusting. The label says ‘Passionfruit’ but it’s more like ‘Hellfire.’ BLEH.
  2. The spray’s active ingredient is Benzocaine, a chemical found in all sorts of over the counter anesthetic ointments. Reading up on the FDA website there are all sorts of complications that can occur from abuse of this product. There’s even a Public Health Advisory for Oral Sprays. Abuse can lead to dangerous levels of methemoglobinemia. Which is BAD. Is there any mention of this dangerous condition on the bottle? No. Anything on the bottle about contacting poison control if too much is consumed? No. They just tell you to only use 4 times a day and no more than every two hours….or as directed by a doctor. Hmm what? Wait…..Doctors can prescribe Deep Throat Spray? Interesting…..
  3. The label looks homemade. When it comes to medical grade chemicals, I’d rather them not look like the label was printed in my basement.
  4. The website they list on the side? Doesn’t work. Search Stardust Industries? No website. I’m not a fan of that either.
  5. Waiting the recommended ten minutes after application to go down on X let the stuff wear off. Using it after roughly 5 minutes made X’s member go a bit numb shortly after. Not good. Haha.
  6. Did I mention that it tastes NASTY?

In the end. I DO NOT recommend this product. There are far better, far safer sex toys out there. I give it a 2 out of 10.

[As a side note. This review doesn't mean the numbing won't work to suppress the gag-reflex for some. I just don't like this product as a whole.]sextoysexycouple575x75

Sleeping Around

6 02 2009

[Big Ass Edit: Since writing this post it has come out that the reason X's sex drive has been non-existent is simply because the last time we had sex he hurt his penis. We were being pretty rough and he slipped out and bent the wrong way a bit. Today we went to the Health Center so he could see a Doctor and it turns out he's severely bruised. The Doctor told him to avoid erections for roughly two weeks to let things heal up. So, while this doesn't change that I was pissed when I wrote this, it does put it in perspective a bit.]

I’ve had sex roughly twice in the past almost 2 weeks.

X has been having a rough few week, or so he tells me, and he hasn’t been to interested in sex. Okay. Fine. I won’t complain. I might bring it up, ask or beg once or twice. But I’m good about letting it lie. Got mad at him tonight though because of his shitty attitude this week, which I can’t fault him for, but it still hurt me and annoyed me. Oops? I’m human. Get over it.

I didn’t mention the sex thing. At all. Until I made my point and explained to him how he’d been a jackass. After all that, I mentioned the sex thing. How I wasn’t complaining but that I’ve been hella horny and he’s been totally not interested and how it sucked.

He told me to find someone and get laid.

And you know what? I’m FUCKING SICK of hearing that. I’m FUCKING SICK of him telling me to ‘go find someone to fuck’ or to ‘not bitch because I won’t go out and find someone else to fuck’ that’s not him.

I DON’T FUCKING HAVE TIME. I have 19 hours of classes this semester, shit tons of reading and friends to hang out with. Finding another guy is next to impossible. Plus, I’ve never, ever been the type to actively look for men. I don’t see the point. I’ll talk to people but I don’t go out with the mission of finding someone to bring home and fuck. I go out with the mission of getting trashed and having fun with my friends.

Also, maybe, just maybe, I’m not a total utter nymphomaniac. I like sex. I like sex alot. I don’t like sex so much that I’ll go out and sleep with random people. I did the one night stand thing once. And when I’m drunk, one night things are fun. But sober? No thanks. I’m attracted to guys on mental and physical levels and well, if I’m sober I like fucking a guy that has a good brain too. It’s a little more fucking complicated that just throwing myself out at the bars with my legs spread asking for someone to fuck me. I have more respect for myself than that.

And I guess, when he tells me to go find someone else to fuck. Or how easy it would be to find a guy to take home, I get offended. I feel like he’s implying that I’m some loose whore with an out of control sex drive that will fuck anything with a pulse.

Yes. I have a VERY, EXTREMELY high sex drive. Yes. I’m kinky and dirty and perverted. That DOES NOT MEAN I don’t have standards and that I’m not damn picky about the guys I hook up with more than once.

Maybe I’m taking this out of proportion. If so, I’m sorry.¬† But I don’t feel like I am. I feel like I’m justified in being annoyed. I feel like that all this shit has built up the past two weeks and him telling me to go out and get laid just was the straw that broke it.

(Though I will add that I feel bad because X has seemed to be having a bad week. But I can’t help it. Sorry.)