Stevie Hart [is awesome]

17 02 2009

And now for something a little bit different than my normal fare.

I felt like it would be fun to branch off a bit from my usual posts of toy reviews and my stories about my sex life and try something different. Using my awesome MySpace navigational skills I sent a few messages out to porn actresses who seemed cool enough to actually get back to me. The only one who did was Stevie Hart. And I’m really glad she’s the one who did because from what I can tell Stevie is a really cool, down to earth chick. So yeah, she was kind enough to just answer some questions for me about porn and working as an actress in a fairly controversial industry.

Check out Stevie’s answers to my questions below and check out her MySpace page here.

baby-sinead[Photo by Baby Sinead]

We’ll start with the typical question: What made you decide that you wanted to work in porn? When did you decide this?

It was something that was always kind of in the back of my mind. I’d never seen a LOT of porn but the idea of having sex, being an exhibitionist and a being bit of a show off as a job seemed too perfect, as these were all things I already enjoyed and were open minded about. It was a mater of waiting until I felt good enough about my self image, self worth and just said fuck it.

Does your family know? And if so how have they reacted?

The majority of them do know and of the ones that do, the relationships I had that I was concerned about it effecting are still amazing. My family has always been very liberal, supportive and realistic. Communication is something they respect, no matter the circumstances so it was never a “should I tell them”, it was a “when and how”.

Can you give me a description of what it’s like to work first hand in the sex industry? Does it live up to the bad name it’s garnered over the years?

It is not a big coked up orgy on set. It’s a job: our call times are often in the morning and our hours on set can often be the same duration as a normal 9-5 workday. A lot of the girls shoot almost every day of a work week, which is for the most part Monday - Friday. I have to say, it is FUN. I’ve had lots of good conversation and good sex on sets. Everything is what you make it, though.

How do you feel about being a woman in an industry that has gotten a reputation for not being very female-friendly at times?

I haven’t really seen that side of it, or maybe I’ve taken a blind eye to it and tried to see it in my own light. The first set I was ever on was with Eon McKai (Vivid Alt) and I remember him making a comment about how they crew is often at the mercy of that woman. I’ve never had male talent, or any one on set be rude to me or deny a request for anything that would make me more comfortable (breaks, water, etc). A lot of the companies I have seen and heard of treat the girls on set really well. I know a few that have a rep of treating us like “rockstars”. Flirting and getting hit on by crew can happen occasionally. But come on, look at what we do. We have the right to say no to anything at all that makes us uncomfortable.

What’s the biggest perk of being in the porn industry?

I get to do what I love doing and I’m not getting called a slut on a regular basis! I’ve met lots of great people, had lots of great sex and the paychecks don’t hurt either. Hahaha, I’m not a big party girl but I know most of the girls have no issue getting into clubs and such.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen or done on a shoot? What’s the most fun you’ve had on a shoot?

What’s strange to some people is not to others =)
I don’t really think things I’ve done or seen on set are all that strange…
When I was on Playboy Radio they had a sybian (sp?) which was all kinds of fun! I had an orgasm without taking off any clothes. I haven’t been on a shoot yet that hasn’t been fun… I’m feeling like tomorrows photo shoot with Lollypops/ Fox Magazine will be TONS as it’s all in my own house (which I’ve been going to town painting and decorating) and I’m styling the whole thing myself.

What made you decide to not do girl/girl porn and how has this been received in the industry?

I’m honestly not into girls. I can kick it and flirt with them sometimes. A few kisses have happened since I started doing porn, but it isn’t something I’ve really wanted to do more of. If Belladonna wanted to seduce and fuck me, I’d probably be down. I wouldn’t have much of a clue what to do to her, but I’d be down to try because its HER. =)
As far as its reception in the industry goes I think it’s been good. People seem to appreciate that I’m being real about it. This is fun for me. If I have to fake it for a paycheck this is the wrong career. Do what you love, love what you do. Some of the girls have seemed disappointed after I’ve told them, which is flattering!

And as a side note, because I’m curious myself, are you happy being in porn? I’ve thought it would be interesting but I worry about the repercussions of working in porn on the rest of my life. Any advice with that?

I wouldn’t do this if it didn’t make me happy. You live once. Enjoy it =)
The repercussions will work themselves out. Have a life outside of it. Don’t forget whatever it is you enjoy and are good at other than fucking and sucking. People have become more and more open minded about sex as generations have come and gone. When I stop being in front of the camera there is a lot I still have to accomplish in my life and I’m going to get them all done.



4 responses to “Stevie Hart [is awesome]”

18 02 2009

Great interview! It’s really nice that you chosen incorporate something more intellectual within your usual very sexy blog (and your posts are indeed hot—“Control” and “Rough” spring to mind).

Again, I think you have a great blog and I always look forward to reading.

19 02 2009

hey girl, love your blog, been reading for a while now..
i like her look, but in trying to find videos with her in them, i haven’t had any luck! any recommendations for me?

From reading up on her, I can tell you that she’s pretty new to the industry, which is why I wanted to interview her. I think she’s had a few DVDs come out in the past month or so. Go click on the link above to her MySpace. She keeps a blog there and I think she has down what she’s been in recently.

Glad to hear you love my blog!

21 02 2009

Dude, that was awesome! Kudos to you Z!

21 02 2009
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