21 02 2009

I learned the hard way that even if I set my mind to it, I can’t win with him.

It all started with a text message in stats. I told him I wanted him to be my slave that night. I wanted to cuff his hands to the bed and tease him until he begged. He seemed to like the idea. So when he took my hand and placed it on his semi hard cock later that night as we were watching a movie I already had in mind what I wanted to do to him. I slid my fingers down him, toying with him as I told him it was too bad that we were at his place and not mine.

“Why is that?” he asked me.

“Because all my toys are at home,” I straddled him and ground my hips against him. His eyes fluttered shut for a moment and when they opened again they were darker, betraying how aroused he was.

“Why do you need your toys?”

“Because I want to play with you,” I whispered seductively in his ear, “I want to cuff your hands to the bed and tease you until your cock is rock hard and you’re begging me to fuck you.” I nipped at his ear. “I want to drip lube between my tits and let you thrust up between them. I want to hear you beg.”

He groaned, “You’re so mean to me.”

“How so?” I smirked as I rolled my hips, “I mean, I could be meaner and tell you how if we were at my apartment and you were cuffed to the bed I’d lube your dick up and slide my ass slowly down on it. I’d fuck you with my tight ass, letting you get closer and closer to cumming but always stopping before you came until you begged me to let you shoot your hot cum deep in my ass. Poor silly X for not keeping lube at your apartment.”

I just smiled at him, feeling how hard he was between my legs. His hands that had been passively placed above his head moved to my hips, pulling me against him as he made sure I knew how turned on he was.

“No, no, no. Bad X,” I said as I grabbed at his arms and tried to push them back above his head. “I am in control tonight.”

“Like hell you are,” he returned as he evaded my grasp and flipped us over. He pinned me to the bed and began kissing my neck. I struggled against him until finally I realized I could pull my weight and I flipped us back over. I managed to get his arms pinned down for a moment. I looked down at him with a frown. He just grinned and with little effort flipped us over once more.

I struggled. This was not what I had planned. I was not feeling submissive that night. I was feeling controlling. And to have my control wretched from my grasp did not make Z a happy camper. I growled as I fought to free myself from him, but as I’ve mentioned X is deceptively strong. He’s 6′4 and I tend to forget that his size and strength are a hell of a lot more than mine. It only took a few minutes for him to get impatient and begin to pull at my pants. I squirmed this way and that, fighting to keep them on but he managed to pull them down to my knees.

Suddenly, my legs were pushed above my head and he was rubbing his cock against my soaking wet pussy. It felt so good but I was determined not to let him win. Before I could fight back he was inside me and I couldn’t move. My pants and his hands and the feeling of him inside me had me temporarily paralyzed. He managed to thrust a few times before I demanded that I wanted my pants off. I pulled them off quickly and threw them off the side of the bed. Before he had time to react my hands were against his chest, pushing him backwards. He barely budged.

He pulled at my ass and managed to get his cock inside me, I kept pushing though and finally he fell backwards onto the bed. I smirked down at him from my position on top.

“Look who’s in control now,” I said as I began to fuck him.

“The only reason you’re on top, babe, is because I let you be. You’re not the one in control,” I growled as he grabbed my hips and began to fuck me with earnest. Mentally I was cursing him because the bastard knows exactly what angle to fuck me at to turn me into a begging, pleading mess. I could feel an huge orgasm building.

“You are not allowed to squirt,” he ordered, reading the pleasure on my face.

“I can’t help it, please. Please let me squirt…”

His hands slid up to my rib cage, holding my body at the perfect angle and also making sure I couldn’t lift off his cock to squirt all over him. He knew it would be torture to me.

“If you squirt, I will never fuck you again.” I squeaked and closed my eyes, chest heaving as I kept myself from cumming. The pleasure was painful and I wasn’t sure I could take much more. He loosened his grip for a moment and I pulled off him and fell back onto the bed, glaring.

He was back on top of me in a second, pinning me down. He fucked me and with his elbows pinning my arms down pressed his fingers under my chin. My breathing was shallow and cut off as I began to feel an orgasm. It took me seconds to cum. And because he didn’t remove his fingers it took only another few seconds for me to cum again. Each orgasm was breaking down my resolve to fight.

“You want me to cum inside you, don’t you?” He said as he continued his relentless assault on my body. I nodded weakly, my hands gripping his body.

“I’m not going to, just because you want it.” He bit down hard on my shoulder and I groaned.

“Bite me again. Harder.” He complied and I gasped as I came again.

“See, what did I tell you. I’m in control,” he flipped me over and pressed my body into his mattress. My legs were pinned by his and his arms kept mine in check.

“You’re just a little cock slut,” he growled into my ear. “Give you a nice thick cock and you spread like butter. Don’t lie. You know you love being taken like this.” He was fucking me so hard that I could feel him hitting my cervix with each thrust, but I was so turned on that I didn’t care.

“You love being a whore. You’ll do anything for cock, which is why no matter how much you fight me, I still win. Isn’t that right my little cock slut?” I growled and began to fight again.

I failed. I managed to get myself turned around underneath him, but all he did was raise my legs over his shoulder. I almost cried out. That angle was too intense and he knew it. But he wouldn’t let me move. He bent me in half with my toes touching the wall behind my head as he fucked me. I’m not a terribly loud girl but it took all myself control to keep from screaming. I have a brusie on my hand from where I bit down so hard. I don’t remember how many times I came. I just remember intense pain-pleasure.

Somehow I found myself on top of him, but by this point, the fight was gone from me. He had won. I fucked him hard, wanting him to cum. He grabbed my hips as I rode him and slammed himself into me over and over again until his face and shoulders got red and he couldn’t speak. He came hard and I slammed my hips down against his, still riding him as he came. We laid like that for a moment and then I rolled off him.

While I had wanted to be in control that night, I wasn’t going to complain. I was sore only a few hours later and my thighs still ache a few days later. I think I need to fight for control more often. Though X better watch out. Had we been at my apartment, he would have been the one begging.