25 02 2009

I knew something was up as soon as I opened the door.

The lights had been on when I’d stepped into the bathroom so I knew something was amiss when I walked out to a room that was pitch black. Going from the light in the bathroom to the inky darkness in the click of the light switch made me nervous. Still standing in the doorway I saw a dark shape move from the vicinity of the bed and before I could react I was on my knees with a hard cock in my mouth. I wasn’t given a choice as my hair was grabbed and my mouth was fucked.

Eventually that wasn’t enough for my assailant and I was pushed to the floor on my stomach. He was larger than me, and stronger, so it was useless to fight him. My underwear was pushed to the side as he slid into me. He didn’t waste his time as he began fucking me relentlessly. My face was pressed into the rough carpet and I could feel it chafing my arms and legs with each thrust into me. I groaned into the floor, arching my back and begging wordlessly. He bit my shoulder hard. And then he bit it again. The small noises just kept slipping from my lips.

His arm went under my neck as he fucked me and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came hard, face pressed into the carpet. He didn’t slow. Long, hard, fast fucking. I could barely breath from the intensity of it. Suddenly he grabbed my hips as he tensed and came hard inside me. We laid there panting for a moment before he pulled out and reached up to turn on the light.

X smirked at me after leaning down for a quick kiss.

“I thought you’d enjoy that.”



3 responses to “Darkness”

25 02 2009

Nice! (though he’s lucky you didn’t panic and bite his dick off first thing..!) You’ve gotten really good at writing these up. Hot stuff!

25 02 2009

Haha. Well, I kinda left out the bit that I was coming out of the bathroom from a mid-sex bathroom break. So I knew what he was doing. Sorta.

Glad you liked it!

25 02 2009

Well. That was hot.

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