2 03 2009

Girls are so much softer than guys.

Before this past weekend I simply assumed this seeing as I had only drunkenly kissed a few girls. There had been little body contact, mostly just a quick meshing of lips.

With a spur of the moment suggestion from me, a friend of mine and myself headed over to V’s place to fool around. The rule was that nothing was gonna go on below the waist for the girls because we didn’t want to take things too far that night. I’m not even going to go into how V was because it can be summed up in about two words: boring and anticlimactic. Sure, there was a thrill watching my friend kiss my bootycall for the first time. And it sure as hell was hot to watch her go down on him. And I liked the whole sucking cock at the same time thing. But as you can see, he didn’t really do much. And thus, I was far more interested in playing with my friend. We’ll call her Q. I know her through my old roommate.

But I got a bit off topic there.

Girls are so damn soft compared to guys. Lips, skin, hair, everything. Softer.

Kissing Q was different from kissing X or V or any other guy I’ve kissed before. And it was different from drunken kisses. It was deliberate and slow. Her mouth was smaller than mine and her lips soft. Once we would start kissing we would just keep going. Hands would roam across bare backs and clothed asses. Feeling another curved body against mine was different from the harder angle’s of  a man’s.

Hips. Ass. Breasts. All soft.

Even the noises she made when my mouth covered her nipple, biting and teasing, were soft. Her lips down my neck tickled pleasantly. And when she took her turn with my nipples, it was gentle and teasing.The pulling of my hair was not soft or gentle however and I liked that.

It was also a different sensation to be bigger than someone. At 5′10 I tower above the average female and even a fair percentage of the average male. While we stood up, I had to lean down to kiss Q. This was new to me as the past few men I’ve kissed have all had to lean down a little to kiss me.

I’m now pretty damn sure I’m bisexual, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I wasn’t keen to consider myself bi with just a few drunken kisses under my belt. I won’t be fully comfortable labeling my sexuality until I’ve done more than just some topless fooling around. But yeah. Girl are really soft and I really like that.



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2 03 2009

That’s some really sexy insight. I like how your describe the height difference as something you noticed.

So are threesomes something in your near future?

3 03 2009

I’m hoping they are, but we shall just have to wait and see. lol

3 03 2009

Oh I’m so jealous! Sounds like fun!


9 03 2009

Girls are awesome. *dreamy sigh*

I’m glad you’re exploring your sexuality more, and hope you have more opportunities to do so :) It was a very exciting time for me, when I started to discover and figure everything out…

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