Lelo Ella

3 03 2009

lelo ella

This is my very first reveiw for and my very first Lelo toy!

I have to admit, I’d heard SO much about Lelo toys from all my fellow bloggers that when I was told I would be getting to review the Lelo Ella I couldn’t help but get excited. Once the package finally got here I was really impressed by sleek packaging. I love the black box that the Ella came in as it’s quite useful for storage. I have a bit of a problem because I just use a plastic drawer under my bed for all my toys so there’s not a really good way to keep them all separated. The box solves that problem. Even if lube spilled in my toy drawer, I’m pretty confident the box would protect my lovely Ella.

But enough about the packaging and on to the toy. I have to give it to Lelo, they make incredibly sleek sex toys. The Ella is honestly a bit smaller than I like in green sex toys (I blame X for spoiling me….) but just looking at it, I had a feeling that it’s shape would make up for it. The best way I can think of to describe it is that it has an almost pestle-like head. It’s very wide and flat on the top and then it tapers down until it begins to get bigger again. I’ve only just the wide, flat end simply because I prefer G-spot stimulation over just normal penetration.The ergonomics are nice because the curved shape of it makes it a bit easier to maneuver. I’ve had problems in the past getting toys in the right spot and keeping it there.

I do, how ever have a few problems with the Ella. For one, while it is made of medical-grade sillicone, once it got lubed up it was hard to hold on to. (When it’s not lubed, it does have good traction) Second, it’s just not thick enough for me. I like the feeling of being filled. And while the Ella more than does it’s job when getting off, it just doesn’t stand out to me.

Overall, this is a great toy, don’t get me wrong. I give the Lelo Ella a 8 out of 10 for it’s superior matierals, thoughtful design, gorgeous packaging and just overall niceness. But I’ve turned into a bit of a picky person when it comes to toys, so this just didn’t do it completely for me. That doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing for another woman. For now, it’s towards the top of my drawer, at least until something else comes along to knock it down.