Piercings and Other Updates

10 03 2009
  • Today I got both my nipples pierced along with a vertical clitoral hood piercing. I currently love all three. The nipples were a quick, dull pain that slowly ached and stabbed for a few hours and then shortly after cleanings. The clit? I did not expect it to hurt so much. It was a fast, sharp, electric bolt. I jumped a bit, arched my hips and cursed involentarily, my knuckles going white from gripping the table. But as soon as the pain faded seconds later, that was it. It hasn’t hurt since. But it feels damn good. No instant orgasms from walking, but still. I like it. I spent a lot of money to get them done, but it was worth it because the place was really clean, everything was sterile and the woman who did it was really good, really professional and really nice.
  • X and his gf broke up. Sorta. Kinda. Maybe? I dunno. To me it seems more like they’re on a break. I feel terrible because I know he’s hurting but at the same time I think this is really good for him. Sadly,I fully expect him and her to be back together within a week. I don’t think he has the balls to end things with her, especially if she cries and says she wants him back.
  • At home for spring break. Kinda bored. Kinda not. It’s nice though.
  • Nothing else too exciting either. Oh. I’m on MySpace. But that’s it. Nothing else too eventful.



One response to “Piercings and Other Updates”

11 03 2009

OK, I’ll be the first…do we get to see the new bling?

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