Belt/Bondage Cuffs

29 03 2009


[Click] and the lovely Domina have sent me one of the most useful sex toys to date.

This is a belt. And a really nice one at that. I got the small size and as you can see it fits nearly perfectly. (I’m a size 6ish so you can prolly estimate what size you’d need from that.) It functions as a belt should function and keeps my jeans from sliding down off my flat ass. Just ask X or look in the picture above: No. Ass. X actually hurt his hand while spanking me the other day because my ass is so boney. But that’s a story for another day.

The belt is innocuous enough that I was able to wear it around campus, to class and ever around my family without anyone suspecting it was from the BDSM and fetish section of a sex toy website. It’s nice leather too. My only real problem was that the metal squares you see in the photo are a bit tough to fit through the belt loops of my jeans. It takes some maneuvering to pull it off. But it is possible.

Now using the belt as cuffs? Really easy. You just place hands accordingly, thread the leather over and through the loop, back through the next and you secure it with the buckle. Click on the photo above to see how it looks when used as cuffs.

I have no complaints in the least about this belt/cuffs thing. It’s damn convenient to have a wearable set of cuffs for any situation you might find yourself in. And no one, except perhaps a fellow pervert, would really assume the naughty uses for such a simple belt.

Overall, this gets a 10/10 in my book because it’s seriously very nearly perfect.



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30 03 2009

Thank you for the demonstration of using it as cuffs!

2 04 2009
An Artist Exposed

That ius such a creative use of a belt – you’d never guess just looking at it. BTW the photo is just amazingly gorgeous!

2 04 2009

that click is a 10/10
damn near perfect.


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