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29 04 2009
  • Ugh. I started writing a sexy account of mine and X’s most recent (read a few hours ago) encounter but I’m too tired and I’m messing up my words so I put it off for tomorrow.¬† I actaully was dommiant for the first time and actually pulled it off today. And it wasn’t planned either. I was being bossy and teasing X and he ended up calling me Mistress and we just went from there. I was demanding. And denied him orgasming. And pulled his hair and pressed his face into my breasts as he fucked me and as I told him he wasn’t allowed to cum until I said so. And it worked. I was semi-impressed. I think I could do that more often.
  • I have bite marks on the inside of each thigh where X thought it’d be amusing to bite me.
  • I’m feeling like I can pull off wearing a two piece and look good this summer. This is a first.
  • Expect a funny post on the cloning of X’s penis.
  • A week and a day before I go home for the summer and start living 3 hours away from X until the end of August. Sex will prolly be severely diminished until I get a new boy toy at home.
  • The more I get fed up with school the more I wanna apply to be a pornactress or nude model.
  • I get a extremely satisfying feeling telling someone that they’re my toy and they’re not to move so I can use them as such. :D Shopping Spree. Whee!

24 04 2009

Ginger Liegh over at is having an amazing contest. Beyond amazing really.

They’re giving away $1000 in free sextoys. Yes. You read that correctly. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OF ORGASMIC GOODNESS. I almost died when I read that all I had to do was pick out what I would spend that $1000 on from their online store. Do that, and you get entered into a drawing to win the contents of your list. Yup. I think it was right there that I died. That’s like sextoy heaven.

Without further rambling, here’s my list:

  1. Latex Skirt: I can haz shiny. Plz? I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for shiny things and I can only imagine how killer this skirt would look paired with my new pornstar boots.
  2. LELO Nea: It’s got flowers on it and it’s so elegant looking and plus, it’s a LELO toy. It’s got to be amazing as well as gorgeous.
  3. Goliath Midnight Purple: I don’t own any but Tantus makes toys that make my pussy wet. I like big cocks and since I don’t really have any dildos like this, it would be a nice addition to my collection.
  4. LELO Iris: See the Nea above. I love LELO toys and I’ve been lusting after one of thier more expensive vibes for a while.
  5. Wave Dildo: The bumps on the top of this FunFactory toy look like they’d feel pretty damn good. I’d love to find out.
  6. Curve Dildo: Also by FunFactory. I lovelovelove g-spot stimulation and this dildo with it’s exagerated curve and head looks like it would do the job quite well….
  7. Ultra Harness with a 6in Cock: Um….I want a strap-on. Can we just leave it at that? ;)
  8. Door Jam Cuffs: I already have an under-the-bed restraint system and various cuffs, why not door cuffs? I can only imagine the fun I could have with them.
  9. OhMyBod Vibrator: I’m a bit of a nerd. And the thought of a vibrator that I can plug my iPod into? Hehehehe. I want it. I’ll be able to put my sexy playlist to actual use.
  10. Hitachi Magic Wand: Do I really need to explain this one? It’s like the queen of all vibrators and I feel like a bad little sexblogger for not owning one!
  11. Heartbreaker 2: It just looks so sleek. And it’s waterproof. I don’t really have any waterproof toys. I need some fun for my shower!
  12. Candy Cane Vibrator: I do not own a traditional vibrator. I think this needs to change. Plus, the colors are just pretty.
  13. Tommy Blade Vibrating Cock: As is the case with most of the toys on this list, I don’t own a realitic dildo thingy. And I really like how this one looks.
  14. Doggie-style Strap: For when X wants to fuck me from behind. It might keep me from ending up with my stomach against the bed and my head against the wall. (Yes. He thrusts so hard I end up moving across the bed.)
  15. Clitoral Pump: I just think it would be an interesting toy to play with and experiment with.
  16. Pjur Eros Bodyglide: This was recomended to me as a good lube for anal sex, I’d like to test out that recomendation.
  17. Kama Sutra Bathing Gel- Clove: I love the smell of cloves. Do I need another reason to want this?
  18. Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea: Bubble baths and baths in general are one of my favorite things in life. This would only enhance that.
  19. Nipple Clamps: Now that my nipples have calmed down a bit from getting pierced, I think they could take some rough play….
  20. Kama Diva Bubble Plug: It just looks pretty. And I think I need a bigger buttplug regardless.

And my total comes too………..$994.90! I think everyone else needs to go check out the rules of this contest here. :D

Ramblings on Squirting

24 04 2009

Squirting to me is like learning to read.

Once you get it all figured out, it’s something that takes no thought and you begin to do it on instinct. For example, the other night I wasn’t trying to squirt but X pulled out just far enough and I gushed a little. I didn’t intend to do it. It just happens when I cum from certain angles. It feels AMAZING when I do it, though I usually soak through the towel we throw down and neither X nor I like to have wet sheets. It actually takes more effort now NOT to squirt in certain positions. I have to hold myself back and fight it. It makes for earthshattering orgasms either way.

One thing I’m am still astounded by is the volume of ejaculate that I can produce. I mean, damn! We had a towel down the other day and I can’t remember if it was doubled up or not but by the time we were done fucking there were a few nicely sized wet spots on the bed. When I squirt, X’s whole lower abdomen and thighs get covered. There was a point when he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow and I’d already squirted a few times. And there was almost no friction because both our lower halves were wet. Holy shit was that an amazing feeling.

I’m in serious need of one of these: Liberator Throe I’ve heard they’re amazing for women who squirt and who tend to soak through towels. Which I tend to do. Sigh. Anyone wanna be nice and buy a poor girl one?! ;)

I <3 Anal Sex

21 04 2009

The only reason I allowed anal tonight was because X took advantage of me.

When you’ve been brought to the edge of an explosive orgasm four, five or six times you start to beg and plead and ask what you can do to get them to just keep fucking you so you can cum. (And maybe I need to work on being stronger, but when he has me in that position I really can only beg…) So when he told me the only way he’d let me cum is if he got to fuck my ass I agreed with only a moments hesitation. I gasped out that he had to stop if it started hurting too much but I really didn’t get that all the way out before I lost control of my speech as I came hard.

A few orgasms later and he was sliding his lubed up cock into my ass. I made him go slow, wincing slightly, expecting and anticipating the pain I was sure was coming. But it didn’t. Just pressure and nerves reacting pleasantly to friction. It took maybe a minute at most for him slide all the way in. Still. No pain. He went slow at first and it felt amazing. It didn’t take too much longer before it started feeling like I was going to have a small orgasm. I told him not to stop. I gripped his ass and pulled him as deep as he’d go into my ass as I came.

It was right after that he began to get rougher. It was clear I was in no pain, so he began fucking me hard at my urgings. My hands were gripping his ass, telling him to go deeper and harder. This is odd because usually anal was something I enjoyed a fair amount but usually there got to be a point where it would be uncomfortable. Not tonight. I just wanted more. He raised my legs above his shoulders and I almost died. I could feel each thrust pressing against my g-spot which I didn’t really know could happen with anal. It didn’t feel the same though. The pleasure was more full-bodied, intense and somehow dirtier and animalistic. I didn’t think I could cum as hard as I did from just anal.

I think I might want to combine anal with sex more often than just the one or two times a month we usually do it. I might even want to just go straight to anal, that’s how good it felt. I’m sure X is excited. I think we’re going to try some new positions with it now. :)

Study Break Fantasy

19 04 2009

Studying is so tedious. And I hate going to the library.

But I can never focus with him in my room. We study on my bed and I get distracted by his form stretched out next to mine. I end up groping and teasing and taunting until our studying devolves into fucking. Not a very productive way to get things done though it is fun. But we need to be productive today. So to get away from the seductive temptation of our beds we head to the library and rent out a study room.

Two hours we have the room. And since it’s in a secluded corner no one can see in through the window on the door. We get down to business. I sit next to him at the table and we both begin to study our respective subjects. And I’m good. I study. I try to not be distracted. And it’s working really well. Almost an hour of focused studying without me getting distracted by him next to me. At least until I feel his fingers dance across my thigh.

I try to ignore him but as his fingers drift absently higher, I find my mind drifting with them. He reaches under my skirt and plays lightly with the fabric of my panties. I hold my breath for a second then push his hand away, giving him a stern look. He growls and grabs my hand, placing it on the bulge in his pants that’s quite apparent but hidden by the table. I contemplate my opinions for a moment; continue my schoolwork or have a hard cock in my mouth…..the choice isn’t a difficult one to make. I smirk, books and schoolwork forgotten, as I move to kneel between his legs under the table.

I quickly unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. My tongue flickers over the head, teasing. I ghost my lips over his length, just barely letting flesh touch flesh. Without warning, I suction my lips around him and begin to bob my head. I can feel myself getting wet. The thrill of possibly getting caught combined with me going down on him is enough to make me drip. After a few minutes, I zip him back up and get back in my seat to continue my studying. Of course I’m not actually planning on studying, I’m just teasing him. And it works.

He grabs me and pulls me out of the chair. Holding me by the back of my neck he bends me roughly over the table, my face pressed against the cool wood. He pushes my skirt about my waist and smacks my ass.

“You were naughty to tease me like that…”

I just wimper as I hear him unzip his pants. He rubs the head of his cock against my wetness and I squirm. He smacks my ass again and a jolt of fear goes through me, worrying the sound will draw attention to this little studyroom. He’s teasing me now, letting just a little of his dick slide inside me and not letting me push back and take him all. Even with a minimal amount of foreplay, I’m so wet and I want him inside me. I squirm and try to take him deeper but his hands on my hips keep me from my goal. I stuggle more and then, without warning he slides all the way inside me. I try to stifle my gasps. He begins fucking me hard and relentlessly. Each thrust pushes me painfully against the table. His fingers are digging into my hips and I try not to let the noises slip out. But it gets harder and harder as I get closer to cumming. He grabs my face and covers my mouth with his hand. I try to suck at his fingers but I’m distracted by the orgasm that hits me. I try to scream out but his hand muffles my sounds. He slaps my ass hard and I groan.

I’m pushing my ass back against him as he fucks me. It’s hard and fast and rough. We could get caught at any second. Someone could decide to grab a book in our secluded little corner and catch a glimpse of me bent over the table, taking it like a little whore. The thrill of possible discovery and his fingers on my clit are enough to send me over the edge again.

He doesn’t stop. I can feel bruises forming on my hipbones where they bang against the table. He’s getting more and more erractic in his movements, his fingers are digging in deeper. He gasps slightly and explodes deep inside me.

We stand like there for a moment, sweaty and spent and still attached. He finally pulls out and I pull up my panties and adjust my skirt. We both return to our chairs and our studying.

Randoms. Yay.

14 04 2009
  • For the first time in a year and a half, I went down on X and he didn’t want sex. He just wanted to finish in my mouth. I didn’t complain. I enjoyed it a lot which is really saying something considering how much I usually dislike him cumming in my mouth.
  • I hate school. It makes me itch. And it makes me tense.
  • Spending the night is not boyfriend/girlfriend-y. Just like sex, only if you let emotions into it does it become anything more. Sleeping next to a person is just that: sleeping next to a person. There’s nothing special to it. When I keep to my side and you keep to yours? There’s nothing emotional about it. There’s less chance of me getting emotions by sleeping NEXT to someone than there if I sleep with them.
  • Hooking up with people sometimes kills the attraction for me. I don’t know if this is good or bad.
  • I want a dog. Desperately. Shiba Inu, Akita, Shikoku,Malamute, Siberian Husky and St Bernard are all contenders.
  • I also am debating if I want another piercing or not. Ideas anyone?

Cervix Killer

13 04 2009

Ow. Ow. Ow.

X and I had an amusing mishap today while having sex. I was on my stomach and he was fucking me from behind. It was a fairly new angle mostly because I was flat on my belly and he was pounding into me so hard I couldn’t keep quiet. I literally couldn’t stop the whimpers and moans that slipped out of my mouth because he was literally fucking me so hard he was pushing the air out of my lungs.

Usually, when really turned on, feeling him so deep he presses against my cervix actually feels amazing. Like when I’m on top and I take him as deep as I can inside me, I shiver a bit because it feels so good. Sadly, while I was really turned on earlier, he thrust inside me at a VERY wrong angle. He hit my cervix and I flinched and shifted my hips. Well, when you have someone fucking you that hard, they don’t have time to react when you move. He ended up trying to slide back in, only my pussy wasn’t where is had been and he slipped out and bent.

I was curled up on the bed fighting nausea and slight cramping. He was curled up next to me, obviously in pain. It just didn’t end well. Thank god I didn’t break him like I did the one time prior. I felt so bad. But it was kinda funny.

Thus, X has gone from being called Cervix Puncher to being called Cervix Killer.

(And on a side note, he jokingly slapped my ass so hard and in the worst spot today, that my leg went numb and I was in the most pain I’ve felt in a while. Oops on his part.) Vibrating Cock Ring

11 04 2009


I’m not going to go on too much about this toy.

To put it simply, the toy broke before X and I ever really got to use it. It was quite promising too. The fact that it was adjustable was a big draw for me because regular cock rings kind of scare me. I’m terrified of them getting stuck on my lover and having to go to the emergency room and ending up one of those hospital sex-gone-wrong stories. Sigh. I know that wouldn’t happen but the fear of it made me like the fact that this was adjustable. And the adjustable bit works well too. It won’t just slide back with a few tugs, it takes some stretching and maneuvering to get it off once it’s on.

We ran into two main problems when trying to put the toy into use. First, once the ring was on and we tried turning the vibrating part on, it didn’t work. It sputtered and would only work if the switch was held half way between the on and off positions, which just doesn’t work for people trying to have sex. Secondly, the material it’s made of isn’t specified on the box, but I assume it’s jelly. I wouldn’t normally use jelly toys but since it isn’t insertable I wasn’t terribly worried. But as many people know, jelly can be a bit tacky sometimes. So when it was time to take the vibrating cock ring off? It pulled off some of his pubic hair too. Which he wasn’t too happy about. (Though I giggled at time)

I wouldn’t judge by this toy. It’s made by a mass producer of sex toys and it was obviously cheaply made because it broke before we really got a chance to use it. has given me great toys to review in the past and perhaps for someone else this toy would work. Just not for me.

Because of a faulty design, perhaps faulty parts and because it was cheaply made, I give this toy a 1/10.

Orgasm Denial

7 04 2009

Not fun. I mean. Sorta not fun. Or really fun. Depends.

While fucking today, X decided he would toy with me. Nothing new there. It’s X, that’s what he does. I was unbelievably horny today, like the kind of horny where your skin crawls and you just physically need a hard cock inside of you. (Maybe that’s just a me thing…..) I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was basically begging him to fuck me all day. He’s been in a meh sort of mood and just generally not interested in sex. Which is cool with me. Except for days like today. When it’s not just me being horny. It’s something I need, and if I don’t get I feel like I will go crazy. Pathetic. I know. But oh well.

We went back to his appartment to hang out for a while. He turns on the Tv and I go use the bathroom. I’m not expecting sex. I’ll beg but I’ll never pressure him into it. I just make it VERY known that I want him. I exit the bathroom and crawl under the covers with him, assuming it was time for a nap.

It wasn’t. He had stripped down to his boxers and once I was under the covers with him, he pushed his semi-hard cock into my hand and told me if I wanted him, I’d have to prove it to him.

No questions asked, I went down on him. If you read my blog I think you’ve got an inkling about how much I love the feel of his cock in my mouth…………. but again, that’s a post for another day. After much teasing and licking and sucking he tells me I’ve still not proven I want him because I’d go down on any guy with a nice dick because I’m a cockslut. Honestly, at this point I’m turned on but feeling bratty. So I roll on my back and say meh. I’m done working.

And like a charm he rolls over and is on top of me in seconds. A few more and my legs are pressed to my chin and he’s inside me. I don’t know what it is, but once I learned to let go during sex? It takes me like 3 or 4 minutes to orgasm if he has me in the right position. Legs up? Yeah. That works. Really well.

So I’m getting closer and closer to cumming and just as I’m about to reach the peak of no return: HE STOPS. And grins. I pout. And he keeps fucking me. Closer. Closer. Closer. STOP. GAH. Closer. Closer. STOP. OMG. He just keeps laughed and he has this shit eating grin on his face¬† as he tells me he needs a reason to let me orgasm. I just glare. And he fucks me again. But then stops.

I’m getting annoyed. I tell him because I want to cum. He fucks me then stops. Not good enough.

I tell him because he knows he loves to make me cum. He fucks me then stops. Nope.

I tell him because I’ll make him cum. He fucks me hard…….then stops. Try again.

I tell him I’m going to kill him if he doesn’t. There’s a whine to my voice now. He fucks me then stops. Still not good enough.

I’m getting desperate at this point. I’m begging. I’m pleading. I just want release and he won’t give it to me. He takes pleasure out of my pain. Because that’s what it’s become. My nerves are so on edge that each thrust is a terrible, wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure. I’m full out begging now, pathetic. I’m telling him I’ll do anything, just please don’t stop. Please. He keeps stopping. Over and over again he lets me get close, then stops. I’ve begun to lose coherency. Words are spilling from my lips and I’m not really sure what I’m saying. It’s like a hostage pleading with her captor. I’ll say anything to have him let me go.

And finally, he does. With a feral glint in his eyes he fucks me hard. He doesn’t stop or slow when the first, powerful orgasm rips through my body. I can barely breath. It feels beyond amazing. But he doesn’t stop. He keeps going, growling when I move my legs, not realizing that it was involuntary on my part. When I raise my wrists to his thighs, he grabs them harshly and pins them to the bed.

I honestly don’t know how many times I came before he flipped me over. But I was flushed and sweating, but he wasn’t close to being done with me. Grabbing my hips and forcing my face into the mattress, he fucked me hard. No orgasm denial here because he was working towards his own.

When he finally got close, he pulled out and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum on my back.

And again, I just collapsed against the bed until he came back from the bathroom to clean me up.

My verdict on orgasm denial? Can I say I love it but if X ever does it again it might be bad? Not kidding when I say I almost went INSANE when he wouldn’t let me cum………

Domination Fantasy

5 04 2009

It’s been a while since he’s let me have control.

But oh do I have it tonight. He’s on his knees in front of me, looking up and waiting for me to tell him what to do. I just smirk and thread my fingers through his hair, tugging and pulling until he understands what I want him to do. Without questioning he slides his tongue across my pussy, teasing me. He flicks over my clit and I groan slightly, he’s toying with me to see how much I will let him get away with. He continues teasing me to the point where I’m getting annoyed. I reach down and grab his face harshly.

“Stop teasing me, slave.”

“Sorry Mistress.” And without another word he begins to eat me out with so much gusto I have to back up a few steps to sit on my bed. His mouth latches onto my clit, toying with the metal ball sitting above it, his tongue flickering over both. My breathing is heavy and my hands in his hair must be uncomfortable as I show him what to do to please me. But he follows directions so well when he allows me to call him slave. Without warning, he reaches a hand up to curl two fingers inside me. “Good slave”, I murmur between moans. It only take a few more minutes before I’m arching my back as I cum around his fingers, his tongue still toying with my sensitive clit.

I push him away as I regain my composure. I motion for him to stand up and strip. He follows orders without a second thought. Once divested of clothing I can see how turned on he is. His cock is rock hard, the tip dripping slightly with precum. I grab it, stroking slowly as I lean up to kiss him, tasting a little bit of myself still on his lips. His hips move ever so slightly, thrusting lightly into my hand as it glides over him.

“Lay down slave. It’s time for me to have my fun with you.” Once on the bed, I cuff his hands and feet so he can’t move. He’s spread eagled on the bed and I stand next to it, just smiling.

“Oh what to do with my slave……you were such a good boy making me cum like that. But you had to tease me at first? Tisk tisk. You’ll have to be punished.” I straddle him and glide my wet slit against the head of his cock.

“You want this so bad, don’t you slave?” He only nods and I scowl. “What was that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good slave.” I reward him by letting his cock slid a centimeter or two inside me. But only for a moment as I refuse to just fuck him so easily.

“What does my slave want?” I ask him.

“Whatever my Mistress wants. I only want to please you,” he tells me, but I can hear the slight whine in his voice. I know he’s screaming inside for me to fuck him. But I won’t.

“Fine then. Your cock in my mouth is what is going to please me.” I get off him abruptly. With my mouth poised delicately above him I just smile. The first touch of my tongue is slow and deliberate. I run the flat of it up the underside, swirling around the head. My lips latch on and I take as much of him down my throat as I can as quickly as I can. Compared to the slow lick, this total engulfment leaves him gasping, pulling slightly at his restraints. I bob up and down, my tongue teasing while my lips are tight around him. I stop for a moment to catch my breath. My tongue darts out to break the strand of saliva that runs from my mouth to his cock.

Even when playing Mistress, I can’t deny that I love the feeling of him in my mouth. He’s long and hard and thick. It’s a challenge to take him all down my throat without gaging. And I know he won’t cum just from my mouth alone, so no matter the enthusiasm I put into it, it’s still just teasing to him. And oh god do I have fun with that. Fast then slow, deep then shallow, lots of pressure then barely any. It doesn’t take very long for him to begin to beg.

“Please Mistress. Fuck me. Fuck your slave. I want to make you cum. Please, fuck me let. Let me make you moan.”

The words spill from his lips almost in a whine. And his hips are jerking up, trying to get more friction from my mouth. But I just let his cock slide across my lips and cheek.

“I don’t know…..You haven’t been that good so far. I’m not sure you deserve to be fucked,” I tell him as I move to straddle him. I let him slide ever so slightly into me.

“Tell me why I should fuck you..” I trail off with a smirk, sliding back up off his cock.

He begins to tell me why I should fuck him, but I honestly don’t care. I’m aching and I need to be filled. Without warning, I drop down onto him fast. He doesn’t have time to really react, his speech is caught in his throat and he arches up off the bed. I just sit there on top of him, moving my hips in enticing little circles.

“Before I let you cum, I’m going to use you for what you really are, my toy.” Without lifting my hips up, I grind myself against him. Back and forth, in wide circles, pressing my clit down to get friction. I feel the tension building in my stomach and I lean down to wisper in his ear.

“You love this. You love being my sex toy. Exploited and used for the sole purpose of my pleasure.” He just nods and moans. My body shakes a bit and my back arches. A pleasant orgasm vibrates through my body, ending in a tingling in my feet and fingers. I smile. I grind my clit against him again and a few more waves crash back against my body.

After a few seconds, I get up on my feet so the only connection between my body and his is his cock in my pussy. His eyes widen. He knows, after all the teasing, that he won’t last long like this. But I plan to make him last. I fuck him hard, my body bouncing up and down on his cock. His bottom lip curls under and he’s getting red. I can tell he’s close. So I roll to the side. The sudden contact with cool air leaves him twitching and his eyes are wide, questioning what I just did. I curl up next to him and kiss him on the cheek.

“I can’t have you just cumming like that. You only gave me two orgasms. So I’m going to deny you orgasms until I feel like you’ve made up for your lack of effort.” I grin as he groans.

“Please, please just let me cum.” I laugh as I get back on top of him, that begging doesn’t even need to be addressed. I’m the one in control. And I’m going to enforce that. It doesn’t take too much longer for me to get him back on the brink once I start fucking him again. And again, I pull off and let him cool down a bit.

He’s flushed and sweating, and his cock is dripping. He pulls at the restraints, trying to get free. He doesn’t want to play by my rules anymore. But it’s too bad, because as long as he can’t get free, my rules are the law. I get back up on him, it takes him longer to get to the edge this time. He’s panting and groaning, his hips trying to match mine, thrust for thrust. I’m a softy so I take pity on him. He gets closer and closer and closer to orgasm. He’s bright red and incoherent, his whole being bent on being able to cum. I don’t slow down as I ride him harder and harder. He suddenly arches up off the bed and I slam my hips down on him and he’s cumming and cumming. His eyes are rolled back in his head and his arms and legs are straining at the restraints.

He really should be more careful how much control he lets me have……..