3 04 2009

His new thing is to bend me very nearly in half.

My knees to my shoulders or my chin, bent further than I could bear by myself. It leaves my legs and hips and muscles feeling sore and strained in the most delicious of ways the next day.

He’s dominant when he has me in that position. He’s the one in control and he lets me know that. That position leaves me totally open and vulnerable, I can’t do anything to stop him as his cock violates me entirely. Long, hard, deep thrusts that push the boundary between pain and pleasure. I press my hands to his thighs, trying to keep him from going too deep. He sits up and adjusts my legs so they’re over his shoulders. One thrust like that and I gasp. So deep. Pressing right against my g-spot. I feel like I can’t breath. My hands push at his thighs. Too much.

His face hardens and he growls at me to move my hands. I shake my head, each thrust pulls the power of speech away from me. I’m riding one orgasm after another and it borders on sensory overload. I don’t think I could stand to move my hands. He snarls this time and pulls my hands away.

My head is flung back off the side of the bed and all I can do is gasp for breath as he continues his relentless onslaught on my body. My fingers curl in his sheets, trying to ground myself, trying to keep some semblance of control over my body. But it’s useless. I give up and let him have the control he wants.  He knows my body too well. He knows the exact angle. He knows just where to put my legs. He knows the right spot to bite. He knows what words to say to make me squirm.

Pressing himself against my body, my feet are still over his shoulders but my knees now touching my own. His arms come up around the side of my face, holding to the top of my head and the bed for leverage. I feel totally engulfed by him.

Then the filth begins to spill from his mouth: Dirty slut. You love being fucked like this. You love taking cock like the whore you are. All you want is a big hard cock inside you because you’re a little cock slut. Fucking whore, take it. You know you love it.

And it continues as I writhe beneath him unable to form coherent enough words to tell him that it’s all true. He speeds up his thrusts and my hands grasp at any bit of flesh they can, trying to ground myself. I can barely keep myself quiet because at this point I’m hanging on to reality by a thread. He’s getting more forceful and erratic, his face is flushing and I know he’s going to cum. But I’m teetering on the edge of another orgasm. I urge him to fuck me harder. That’s all it takes to push me over the edge. A half a dozen more thrusts and he follows in turn.

A few minutes and he gets up to clean off. I don’t move. I don’t think I can. My limbs feel like jelly and my pussy is pulsing and aching from the wonderful abuse it just recieved. So I just lay there like a spent ragdoll, arms splayed out until he comes back from the bathroom with a washcloth to clean me up.

I curl up naked in his covers and just smile. I’m going to be so sore tomorrow but it was beyond worth it.