Study Break Fantasy

19 04 2009

Studying is so tedious. And I hate going to the library.

But I can never focus with him in my room. We study on my bed and I get distracted by his form stretched out next to mine. I end up groping and teasing and taunting until our studying devolves into fucking. Not a very productive way to get things done though it is fun. But we need to be productive today. So to get away from the seductive temptation of our beds we head to the library and rent out a study room.

Two hours we have the room. And since it’s in a secluded corner no one can see in through the window on the door. We get down to business. I sit next to him at the table and we both begin to study our respective subjects. And I’m good. I study. I try to not be distracted. And it’s working really well. Almost an hour of focused studying without me getting distracted by him next to me. At least until I feel his fingers dance across my thigh.

I try to ignore him but as his fingers drift absently higher, I find my mind drifting with them. He reaches under my skirt and plays lightly with the fabric of my panties. I hold my breath for a second then push his hand away, giving him a stern look. He growls and grabs my hand, placing it on the bulge in his pants that’s quite apparent but hidden by the table. I contemplate my opinions for a moment; continue my schoolwork or have a hard cock in my mouth…..the choice isn’t a difficult one to make. I smirk, books and schoolwork forgotten, as I move to kneel between his legs under the table.

I quickly unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. My tongue flickers over the head, teasing. I ghost my lips over his length, just barely letting flesh touch flesh. Without warning, I suction my lips around him and begin to bob my head. I can feel myself getting wet. The thrill of possibly getting caught combined with me going down on him is enough to make me drip. After a few minutes, I zip him back up and get back in my seat to continue my studying. Of course I’m not actually planning on studying, I’m just teasing him. And it works.

He grabs me and pulls me out of the chair. Holding me by the back of my neck he bends me roughly over the table, my face pressed against the cool wood. He pushes my skirt about my waist and smacks my ass.

“You were naughty to tease me like that…”

I just wimper as I hear him unzip his pants. He rubs the head of his cock against my wetness and I squirm. He smacks my ass again and a jolt of fear goes through me, worrying the sound will draw attention to this little studyroom. He’s teasing me now, letting just a little of his dick slide inside me and not letting me push back and take him all. Even with a minimal amount of foreplay, I’m so wet and I want him inside me. I squirm and try to take him deeper but his hands on my hips keep me from my goal. I stuggle more and then, without warning he slides all the way inside me. I try to stifle my gasps. He begins fucking me hard and relentlessly. Each thrust pushes me painfully against the table. His fingers are digging into my hips and I try not to let the noises slip out. But it gets harder and harder as I get closer to cumming. He grabs my face and covers my mouth with his hand. I try to suck at his fingers but I’m distracted by the orgasm that hits me. I try to scream out but his hand muffles my sounds. He slaps my ass hard and I groan.

I’m pushing my ass back against him as he fucks me. It’s hard and fast and rough. We could get caught at any second. Someone could decide to grab a book in our secluded little corner and catch a glimpse of me bent over the table, taking it like a little whore. The thrill of possible discovery and his fingers on my clit are enough to send me over the edge again.

He doesn’t stop. I can feel bruises forming on my hipbones where they bang against the table. He’s getting more and more erractic in his movements, his fingers are digging in deeper. He gasps slightly and explodes deep inside me.

We stand like there for a moment, sweaty and spent and still attached. He finally pulls out and I pull up my panties and adjust my skirt. We both return to our chairs and our studying.



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19 04 2009

One of my favourite fantasies :-) And perfectly written too!

19 04 2009
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19 04 2009

Oooh, I always imagined me having uni library sex in the near empty stacks on one of our library’s floors, but I’d forgotten about those little study rooms… Now, that would be fun!

19 04 2009

‘I quickly unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. My tongue flickers over the head, teasing. I ghost my lips over his length, just barely letting flesh touch flesh. Without warning, I suction my lips around him and begin to bob my head.’

‘Ghost my lips’ – what a fantastic way of putting it, I’d never have thought of that but it’s so perfect.

20 04 2009

nice! very hot fantasy!

21 04 2009

that’s pretty hot! Fantasy or real…I bet him cumming inside you would make it hard to concentrate for the rest of the day and you might to go for round 2. ;-p

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