Ramblings on Squirting

24 04 2009

Squirting to me is like learning to read.

Once you get it all figured out, it’s something that takes no thought and you begin to do it on instinct. For example, the other night I wasn’t trying to squirt but X pulled out just far enough and I gushed a little. I didn’t intend to do it. It just happens when I cum from certain angles. It feels AMAZING when I do it, though I usually soak through the towel we throw down and neither X nor I like to have wet sheets. It actually takes more effort now NOT to squirt in certain positions. I have to hold myself back and fight it. It makes for earthshattering orgasms either way.

One thing I’m am still astounded by is the volume of ejaculate that I can produce. I mean, damn! We had a towel down the other day and I can’t remember if it was doubled up or not but by the time we were done fucking there were a few nicely sized wet spots on the bed. When I squirt, X’s whole lower abdomen and thighs get covered. There was a point when he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow and I’d already squirted a few times. And there was almost no friction because both our lower halves were wet. Holy shit was that an amazing feeling.

I’m in serious need of one of these: Liberator Throe I’ve heard they’re amazing for women who squirt and who tend to soak through towels. Which I tend to do. Sigh. Anyone wanna be nice and buy a poor girl one?! ;)



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24 04 2009

Damn you’re on a roll with hot write-ups! Squirting is one thing I have never experienced first hand and would have loved to have been with a woman who could ejaculate like that. Personally the visual is amazing…sure moans and screams are awesome, but when you see it happening (in video anyway!) its such a turn on. Hmm…looks like I errr…have to go take care of things now. Damn you Z!

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