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24 04 2009

Ginger Liegh over at is having an amazing contest. Beyond amazing really.

They’re giving away $1000 in free sextoys. Yes. You read that correctly. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OF ORGASMIC GOODNESS. I almost died when I read that all I had to do was pick out what I would spend that $1000 on from their online store. Do that, and you get entered into a drawing to win the contents of your list. Yup. I think it was right there that I died. That’s like sextoy heaven.

Without further rambling, here’s my list:

  1. Latex Skirt: I can haz shiny. Plz? I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for shiny things and I can only imagine how killer this skirt would look paired with my new pornstar boots.
  2. LELO Nea: It’s got flowers on it and it’s so elegant looking and plus, it’s a LELO toy. It’s got to be amazing as well as gorgeous.
  3. Goliath Midnight Purple: I don’t own any but Tantus makes toys that make my pussy wet. I like big cocks and since I don’t really have any dildos like this, it would be a nice addition to my collection.
  4. LELO Iris: See the Nea above. I love LELO toys and I’ve been lusting after one of thier more expensive vibes for a while.
  5. Wave Dildo: The bumps on the top of this FunFactory toy look like they’d feel pretty damn good. I’d love to find out.
  6. Curve Dildo: Also by FunFactory. I lovelovelove g-spot stimulation and this dildo with it’s exagerated curve and head looks like it would do the job quite well….
  7. Ultra Harness with a 6in Cock: Um….I want a strap-on. Can we just leave it at that? ;)
  8. Door Jam Cuffs: I already have an under-the-bed restraint system and various cuffs, why not door cuffs? I can only imagine the fun I could have with them.
  9. OhMyBod Vibrator: I’m a bit of a nerd. And the thought of a vibrator that I can plug my iPod into? Hehehehe. I want it. I’ll be able to put my sexy playlist to actual use.
  10. Hitachi Magic Wand: Do I really need to explain this one? It’s like the queen of all vibrators and I feel like a bad little sexblogger for not owning one!
  11. Heartbreaker 2: It just looks so sleek. And it’s waterproof. I don’t really have any waterproof toys. I need some fun for my shower!
  12. Candy Cane Vibrator: I do not own a traditional vibrator. I think this needs to change. Plus, the colors are just pretty.
  13. Tommy Blade Vibrating Cock: As is the case with most of the toys on this list, I don’t own a realitic dildo thingy. And I really like how this one looks.
  14. Doggie-style Strap: For when X wants to fuck me from behind. It might keep me from ending up with my stomach against the bed and my head against the wall. (Yes. He thrusts so hard I end up moving across the bed.)
  15. Clitoral Pump: I just think it would be an interesting toy to play with and experiment with.
  16. Pjur Eros Bodyglide: This was recomended to me as a good lube for anal sex, I’d like to test out that recomendation.
  17. Kama Sutra Bathing Gel- Clove: I love the smell of cloves. Do I need another reason to want this?
  18. Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea: Bubble baths and baths in general are one of my favorite things in life. This would only enhance that.
  19. Nipple Clamps: Now that my nipples have calmed down a bit from getting pierced, I think they could take some rough play….
  20. Kama Diva Bubble Plug: It just looks pretty. And I think I need a bigger buttplug regardless.

And my total comes too………..$994.90! I think everyone else needs to go check out the rules of this contest here. :D



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