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29 04 2009
  • Ugh. I started writing a sexy account of mine and X’s most recent (read a few hours ago) encounter but I’m too tired and I’m messing up my words so I put it off for tomorrow.  I actaully was dommiant for the first time and actually pulled it off today. And it wasn’t planned either. I was being bossy and teasing X and he ended up calling me Mistress and we just went from there. I was demanding. And denied him orgasming. And pulled his hair and pressed his face into my breasts as he fucked me and as I told him he wasn’t allowed to cum until I said so. And it worked. I was semi-impressed. I think I could do that more often.
  • I have bite marks on the inside of each thigh where X thought it’d be amusing to bite me.
  • I’m feeling like I can pull off wearing a two piece and look good this summer. This is a first.
  • Expect a funny post on the cloning of X’s penis.
  • A week and a day before I go home for the summer and start living 3 hours away from X until the end of August. Sex will prolly be severely diminished until I get a new boy toy at home.
  • The more I get fed up with school the more I wanna apply to be a pornactress or nude model.
  • I get a extremely satisfying feeling telling someone that they’re my toy and they’re not to move so I can use them as such. :D



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29 04 2009

If memory serves me right a short while back said you wanted to get back at X for making you not orgasm on one of your sessions. Looks like he got a taste of what he made you go through! Nice going! Do it again! :-)

You know plenty of people would probably pay you tons to have you tell them not to move and do their bidding. ;-p

So when X won’t be around in the summer…will you just fill the void with sex toys? And hope you can find a new boy toy of course? Or virtual sex on cam with X?

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