Girl Fantasy

1 06 2009

I wrote this fantasy for X over Christmas break and I thought it was fun so I’d post it.

To begin, I can’t get that girl off my mind. The one who hit on me. The one who I think we’d have SO much fun playing with. She was hot. She was tiny, so, so tiny but with a tight, toned body that I’d kill to see naked. I can’t stop thinking about pressing her against a wall and letting my hands roam her body as I kiss her. In my daydreams, we’d keep kissing but it would get harder and needier as we got more and more turned on.

Our hips would be grinding, seeking friction to ease the heat pooling in our stomachs. And you’d be nearby, watching us. Your cock would get so hard as we kissed, and you’d know all that I would let you do is watch. Though the promise of joining us another time wouldn’t be out of the question. You’d watch in pleasant agony as my hand slid slowly up her thigh only to disappear beneath her skirt. (She always has a skirt on in my fantasies because she was wearing an adorable, pleated, plaid school girl skirt that night.) You’d only be able to imagine what my fingers were doing to her under her skirt. Her moans and gasps and the way her kisses got breathier would be your only clues as to whether my fingers were gliding lightly over her hard, little clit or thrusting and curling inside her.

But then I’d be nice. I’d lift her skirt up as I dropped to my knees and I’d let you get a good veiw as I tasted her. You’d watch, stroking your hard, thick cock, as my tounge flickered over her clit, as I teased her and took joy in making her knees weak and her breath catch in her throat. I’d only stop after I made her cum, riding my fingers and griding her clit against my tounge until she couldn’t take anymore. At least at that point.

After watching me make her cum, you’d be so close to the edge yourself. You’d be thrusting into your hand wishing to the gods that it could be one of our mouths or pussies.

Despite telling you that you were just there to watch, she and I would break the rules. We’d cuff your hands behind your back and go to work on your cock. The sight of two heads of two gorgeous girls competing and working together to suck your cock would make you weak. But you’d be so hard for us. I’d take you in my mouth and as deep down my throat as I could. And then she’d take a turn to do the same. It wouldn’t take long for you to cum. You’d explode in my mouth and I’d swallow every drop while she kissed and licked whatever part of you I could not. We’d kiss and I’d share your flavor with her. But soon you’d be forgotten and she’d be on top of me and you’d feel your cock starting to get hard again……..



5 responses

1 06 2009

Oooo, now that sounds fun! Mind if I join in too? ;)
You have such a talent for this sort of writing, I’m very envious!

2 06 2009

So how do you think the cum thing works with the two girl blow job? I’ve never had the pleasure, but would you be mad if he came in her mouth?

I’ve thought about it a lot :) Just wondering from the girls perspective how it works.

2 06 2009

Um. Honestly, um…..why the hell would it matter? Lol.

3 06 2009

Well, personally, I love tasting a man’s cum at the end of a blowjob, and could see myself being greedy and wanting it for myself. So, that’s why it might matter to a person.

3 06 2009

I’ve mentioned before I’m not a huge fan of guys cumming in my mouth. So the question for me was a little pointless as I dont see an issue.

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