Extremely Fuckable Men Over 30

6 06 2009

In the summer I watch loads of TV shows and movies.

And I get bored. And make lists of hot guys in said movies and TV shows. It’s hard not to do when you’re not getting laid and in turn looking at every attractive man that you see and imagining how they’d be in bed. So I’m gonna make a frivolous little post with hot men over 30. I was going to do over 40, but some men fell in the 35-40 range and I wanted to include them rather than putting them in the under 30 bracket.

Jensen Ackles- 31

31- jensen ackles

Ryan Reynolds- 32

32- ryan reynolds

Sam Worthington- 32

32- same worthington

Christian Bale- 35

35- christian bale

Nathan Fillion- 38

38- nathan fillion

Gerard Butler- 39

39- gerard butler

David Boreanaz- 40

40- David Boreanaz

George Eads- 42

42- george eads

Brad Pitt- 45

45- brad pitt



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6 06 2009

Man. Hard to believe Brad Pitt is 45.

My dear girl, you left two off the list. Might only know of them though if you’ve ever watched the Fox series Prison Break.
I used to watch it…..but only for these two. Holy mother of god do they fuel my “take me now and make it rough” fantasies.
for a good photo of Dominic, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Burrows

I’ll leave you be with finding photos of them, and your favorite vibrator :D

13 07 2009

….Brad Pitt is the same age as my father…..oh well. He’s still a sexy beastie. *lick lick*

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