June Random Updates

21 06 2009
  • My appeal at school got approved so I’ll be back at the place I consider home in the fall. Yay!!┬áThe shadow of not being able to go back to school in the fall, hanging over my head, was what caused my massive writer’s block the past couple weeks. Now that I’m good, my mood is up and the will to write has returned quite strongly. So expect me to actually be updating a few times a week now. :)
  • I havent had sex in seven weeks. Yes. You read that correctly. SEVEN WEEKS.
  • X misses me. And misses fucking me a lot. We’ve been exchanging dirty photos and videos. He got off three times thinking about me yesterday. I think that’s pretty damn flattering. Though it does beg the question of: How come we only have sex once usually? I want to be fucked three different times in one day. Pout. You need to work on that hun.
  • I thought X and I had experimented with EVERYTHING we were interested at this point. Apparently not. This is why I love the summer. We talk about all the things we want to do and new fun things come out. Like trying ‘ass-to-mouth’ and a few things along with that, me being more domminant and less worried about what he’ll think, a few different role-play ideas, biting me until I bleed, and a few others.
  • Since I got my suspension appealed, X is rewarding me. When we get back to school, I get a WHOLE WEEKEND OF SEX. Basically, we’ll only be getting out of bed to eat (and fuck in the kitchen), shower (and fuck in the shower) and find other places in his apartment to fuck. I really like this idea. Two and a half days of sex. I’ll be in heaven. And in X’s own words: I’ll ┬ámake sure it’s a weekend you never, ever forget.
  • I think people need to comment on my blog more. I love, love, love getting comments. But I know I don’t always respond to them. So for the next month I’m going to make a point to reply to each and everyone of my comments. So take advantage of it! If you’ve never commented before, stop being a lurker! I don’t bite! At least not much…..;)



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22 06 2009

Yay for getting back into school and even more yay for a weekend of sex in the imminent future! Oh, and you think seven weeks is bad… I’m not gonna even count how long it is for me! Sadly my best friend is a straight girl, and although I love her that way – we celebrate with cocktails and new shoes rather than sex marathons!


22 06 2009

But see, seven weeks is bad when you’re used to 3+ times a week 9months out of the year……. hahaha.

At least you have a girlfriend for that. My girlfriends live too far away during the summer. :(

22 06 2009

“Bites me til I bleed” Yikes.
Everything else sounds like a lot of fun. I like the idea of exchanging naughty photo’s during the day, and a weekend dedicated to sex is delicious. I did that one weekend a couple of year’s ago, a beautiful bed and breakfast near the coast. We did morning sex, shower sex, after-lunch sex, a wicked make-out session in the part, night-time sex, and a hand job in the car. It was fun, horny, relaxing and I was sooooo sore by the end that I never wanted to stop. It was the most exquisite pain ever.

And yes, I LOOOOVE comments and the people who make them. I’m a comment whore. I wish I got more too.

22 06 2009

I tend to get off on pain. So I want to try it just once.
And I cant even begin to explain how excited I am for my weekend of sex. lol

And yes. I’m going to be actively trying to comment more. It makes me feel like a good person when I do.

22 06 2009

Love your blog!

I’m not normally a prude, but I’d be wary about the ass-to-mouth thing… you don’t want to get ANY (like even a tiny spec) e.coli in your mouth. From what I understand you could get really sick. Unless he wore a condom while fucking your ass, and ripped it off so he could come in your mouth…

Same thing goes for biting till you bleed. Nice fantasy, I totally admit, but human bites tend to get wicked infected fast. How about knife play?

Congrats on the appeal! More updates, please!


22 06 2009

Why thank you!

I’ve researched the ass-to-mouth thing. And I feel like cleaning myself out REALLY well first, and a quick wipe with a warm, soapy cloth will be pretty safe. And as I said, this is something we’re THINKING of trying. Lol. Doesnt mean we really will.

And the biting. Sorry, nothing is gonna deter me from that. I know how to properly take care of wounds.

Thanks for commenting! I love when people comment!

22 06 2009

I would love to hear more about other ideas you and X have discussed (like the ass to mouth) and which you find most appealing or arousing. Also, if X can get himself off 3 times in 1 day thinking about him, I wonder how often you get off a day thinking about him. ;-p

22 06 2009

The other ideas will come in due time. I don’t like to put everything out at once, it leaves me nothing to blog about. ;)

23 06 2009

Sounds like you’ve done your homework. Look forward to reading about it…

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