HNT 2.07: Lace

22 07 2009


Black lace against white skin. Who can resist?

Happy HNT Everyone!!

Fastforward Fantasy

21 07 2009

We’d found her at some house party.

A lame affair with cheap beer and loud music. I’d pointed her out to you: A pretty redhead over on the couch. You smiled at me and squeezed my ass. You approved of my taste. When she first started talking to us I don’t think she would have ever expected that she would end up where she did by the end of the night…

Fast Forward

My one hand is on her head, fingers threaded tightly through red hair, forcing her to gag on your hard cock. My other hand grips her hip, pulling her down onto my strap-on, fucking her. At some point during the night she told us she wasn’t into girls, when we first propositioned her I think. But the way she rolls her hips and presses her ass back against me as my cock slides in and out of her tells a different story. I force her head forward and she struggles to moan and breath and gag all at once. I laugh and let go. She pulls back gasping for air, a thin line of saliva connecting her lips and your cock.

I grab her by the hair again but this time I pull her back towards me. I pull her back so she’s forced to bounce up and down on my strap-on. She’s forced to let you watch her tits bounce up and down as she shamelessly grinds down onto me. You lean forward and bite down hard on a nipple. She yells out a little. You bite again. This time she moans. Oh. That’s not from the biting. Your fingers are on her clit.

“Do you want to cum, slut?” I ask her, tugging sharply on her hair. She nods. I grin.

I push her down on all fours. You get behind me and tug on my nipples, playing with my piercings. Your lips are on my neck as I fuck hard and fast. I feel your hands on my hips, urging me to go deeper. And she’s gripping the bed sheets, moan after moan escaping her lips. I can tell she’s close because her knuckles are white. I reach around and flick at her clit. She orgasms loudly. I can feel your cock twitching against my back.

As soon as I pull out of her, you waste no time stripping my strap-on off of me. You press the head of your cock against my slick pussy and then slide in with one fast thrust. I gasp. The girl is watching us with half-lidded eyes, still riding on the waves of her orgasm. She reaches up to pull my head down and kiss me.

I can’t help but moan in her mouth as I feel your nails dig into my hips and your cock hit just the right spot inside me. Her fingers are on my nipples, toying with the barbells.

“Good girl,” I sigh against her lips. I can feel you fucking me harder and I’m getting so close to cumming…


I’m sitting on the couch next to her, reaching up to play with her hair.  You’re on the other side of her, fingers idly stroking her arm, her hip, her thigh. You lean forward a bit to whisper something in her ear. She shakes her head vehemently no. She tells you she’s not interested in women while she steals a nervous glance over at me, still shaking her head. You laugh a little and I look over at you. Our eyes meet and we smirk. I look back down at her, my finger tracing the curve of her neck.

“I bet we can change that.”

The Threesome. Part One: The Game

21 07 2009

I think we all were a bit nervous.

The Girlfriend and I had gone shopping earlier to ‘get to know each other.’ And frankly, we had. We didn’t discuss what we both knew was coming later. But we got along pretty well. X had been right when he told me before that she and I were similar. Once we ate dinner and hung out a bit, we decided to pull out the game that X had come across while reading some of The Couqitten’s posts.

Things started simple. Basic kisses and undressing. Tickling. But as the game progressed, the stakes got a bit higher.

I was nervous. I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t. And when the game told me to kiss her hard, remove her shirt and bra, and suck on her nipples? I almost backed out. I was scared. Knowing X was there and knowing he’d be turned on kept me from chickening out. So I kissed her. The feeling of kissing someone shorter than me was odd but not unpleasant. I didn’t stop kissing as I edged her shirt up higher and higher, until I had to break the kiss to get it over her head. I fumbled with her bra before she pointed out it was a front clasp.  Once off, I kissed down her neck, stopping to pull her nipple into my mouth.

The Girlfriend’s breasts are smaller than mine and perky. But for such a small frame, they’re a decent size. Her nipples are little and pink. I can’t lie, I loved the feel of them in my mouth. Running my teeth over them made her moan slightly. I was sad that I had to stop once they were hard. The game said I had to.

A few more turns and we were all undressed. I was wet and squirming. X was hard. The Girlfriend had to be just as turned on as me. I had just watched in slight envy as X fingered her to the brink of orgasm. Then stopped. I almost wanted to go over and slide my fingers into her and finish the job myself. But the game hadn’t told me to. So I didn’t. The game did tell her to pour chocolate sauce on my ass and lick it off. So we grabbed a towel and I got on all fours. X sat on the couch and watched his girlfriend dribble cold chocolate sauce on his mistress’s ass. I couldn’t help but giggle and squirm as I felt her hot tongue go to work on the chocolate. It tickled but turned me on at the same time. X says it was hot but I think he was amused that my ass is ticklish. Once we finished that, the game started getting even hotter.

Three times in a row X was told to finger me until I was highly aroused. It was torture. Once, I was facing him and I buried my face against his neck and he fucked me with his fingers. I squirmed and moaned and whined. And he stopped before I came. The second time, my hand was on his cock and my back was to him. He reached around to finger me again. I forgot about his cock as my eyes closed and I was forced to tell him to stop before I got close. I stood with my back to him, again, for the third time. I was a taut wire at that point. Push me just a little and I’d snap and cum hard. X rode that line and didn’t let me cum. Again. He later told me that The Girlfriend had watched his fingers slid in and out of my slick pussy all three times. Hearing that made me want her again.

The game then ordered her to tease X by sliding down onto him. I sat back against the couch as she eased her way down onto his cock. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second as he wrapped his arms around her body and thrust into her. She stopped him after a moment. And I was honestly disappointed. I found I liked watching them fuck. It made me hot. I could feel my arousal nearly dripping out of me. And it didnt help that the next task the game charged us with involved a lap dance.

I sat down in a kitchen chair and X put on ‘Animals’ by Nickleback and The Girlfriend began gyrating her ass in my crotch. It was honestly mesmerizing. I have no ass. I readily admit to that. But her ass? Clad in tight red panties? It was amazing.  I wanted to reach out and pull her onto my lap. I wanted to grab her by the hair and pull her head onto my shoulder so I could kiss and bite her neck, all the while letting her continue to grind her gorgeous ass against me. I wanted to grope her tits and pinch her nipples until I got her to moan out that she wanted more. And once she did, I wanted to wrap one arm around her stomach to pull her against me. And I wanted the other hand to dip below her panties and slid into her tight pussy. I wanted her to ride my fingers while she gave me the lap dance. I wanted to make her cum hard, hips moving to the beat of the music, as she fucked my fingers. Sadly, I had been told I wasn’t allowed to touch. So my hands stayed demurely on the side of the chair. Too bad.

To top the lap dance off. The game’s next turn had me bent over her lap while she fingered me. Her fingers were so tiny compared to X’s. Despite that disadvantage, it only took her a few minutes to have me moaning and squirming in pleasure. X lounged nearly in front of me. His cock was rock hard and obviously aching to be sucked. I hoped he’d move and fuck my mouth. But that was against the rules of the game. So he didn’t. He just sat and watched while his girlfriend brought my close to the edge of cumming.

I don’t remember if it was the next turn, or a few later, but The Girlfriend had been charged with sliding all the way onto X’s cock and was required to just sit there, grinding on him to tease him. I sat next to him on the couch. And once she began moaning, I couldn’t help it. I leaned over and broke the rules. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and teased it lightly. After I moment of that I moved to kiss her, then X. I felt The Girlfriend’s fingers on my nipple. And X’s hand on the curve of my ass.

“What do you say we forget this game?” X murmured as I turned to kiss The Girlfriend. I nodded in agreement as she added in, “Let’s find a bed.”

To Be Continued. Clone-a-Willy

18 07 2009


This is quite the interesting toy.

Premise: For anyone who wants to make a realistic replica of a penis this Clone-a-Willy kit is for you. It allows you to make an actual copy of any man’s dick and it lets you make it into a vibrator too. It’s as simple as making a mold. Pouring the plastic into the mold. And then waiting for it to set. It’s a neat concept that works really well despite a few problems. I actually used two of these since the mold on my first one failed.

How It Works: You cut the tube to the right size then mix up the plaster. This is the tricky part. The first kit we got, the thermometer was broken so we guestimated the temperature. The molding failed because it set far, far too fast. Then I noticed that there were two separate times listed in the instructions for how long to stir the plaster. So, when I got the second kit, thanks to the lovely Domina at, I kinda threw out the instructions and did what I felt was best. The instructions say that the plaster sets slower if you add cooler water. So, I added cooler water, then mixed it fast. Once it looked like muffin mix (a little lumpy) I scooped it into the tube and X and I waited, attempting to keep him hard while we wait for it to just set a little. This time, the mold set beautifully. Instead of the vibrator that comes with the kit, we used the rubber we hadn’t used from the first kit. We mixed up double the amount of rubber and poured it into the mold. A day later we had a solid, if slightly prickly, clone of X’s cock.


This is a comparison photo of X and the toy. Pretty good copy, huh? The only problem is that is a photo of X half hard and worn out from three days of sex. So, as you can see, making an exact copy of a guy at his hardest is tough.


  1. The instructions are vague and not well written. I advise you to read them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And be sure to read all the fine print.
  2. It’s hard for guys to stay hard when shoving their cock in a tube full of lukewarm oatmeal.
  3. The toy has a distinct rubbery smell and taste that doesn’t seem to leave.
  4. The rubber is HARD. I find that I actually cant really use this dildo. It’s too hard and too prickly. Even after taking an exacto knife to the plastic nubs that were all over it from the plaster, it’s still pretty rough.


  1. The level of detail is pretty amazing. It really does make a realistic copy.
  2. It’s fairly simple if you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.
  3. It gives you everything you need in the kit.
  4. You can get refills of anything if you mess one step up.

X’s Two Cents: “It’s a great idea, but well, it needs to be improved overall. If the final product isn’t comfortable for the girl to use, so how is it worth the money?”

Final Opinion:

I liked this toy. It was like an adult arts and crafts project for me. Haha. But I agree with X, if it’s not usable to me, then it’s basically just an expensive statue. Of a penis. With some improvements in materials, perhaps this could be a better toy. I give it a 6 out of 10. It gets points for being realistic but it gets docked for not being able to use it.

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The Past Three Days

17 07 2009

So. This week was fun.

But I’m tired. And sore. And don’t feel much like writing a whole lot right now. I kinda need a day or two to re-run everything through my head.  But I’ll give you guys a little teaser of what’s to come in the next week or so.

  1. What happened when I got to X’s Wednesday evening. And all the sex we had. And the sex we had the next morning.
  3. The threesome. That actually did happen. It was awesome and hot and fun and I’d so do it again. Also, no awkward moments, feelings of being left out or possessiveness from anyone, as far as I could tell. Which is what I was worried about most.
  4. My first time having sex with a girl and how it went.
  5. My feelings on how twisted my relationship with X is sometimes.
  6. More reviews. Hopefully.

So yeah. I’ve got a fair amount of material to write about now. And I’m quite happy. Oh so fucking sore though. Everywhere. My shoulders. My back. My ass. My pussy. My whole fucking body. Haha.

HNT 2.06: Ouchies

16 07 2009


I drove 3 hours yesterday to visit X.

We had more sex last night than I think we ever have had in such a short amount of time. I got fucked on the floor, on the bed, the floor again, while playing Onyx, while standing up and even in the shower. Eventually, it got to be late and we put in a movie and fell asleep. When we got up the next morning. We fucked again. I was on top. And he was spanking me hard. And I was loving every second of it. Once we were finished, I looked at my ass and was surprised to see he’d left marks. So we couldn’t resist taking some photos. I’ll make him take some tomorrow too. Because I’m sure I’m going to have bruises.

This Is Why I Need A Strap-on

13 07 2009
Z: wouldnt you LOVE to see me fuck The Girlfriend with this?
X: I think I just came…
Z: why is that? haha
X: hot…..
Z: but why?
X: I want you to fuck ME with that. lol

It might be about time to introduce The Girlfriend

11 07 2009

I really never thought I would get to this point.

X had just stopped in my hometown with the Girlfriend for dinner after doing some sort of weekendy thing together out near where I live. The dinner was Nice. Yes. Nice with a capital ‘N’. We got Italian food. And X and I settled pretty well into our usual routine of back and forth banter and making fun of each other. I felt a bit bad because we left The Girlfriend out of the conversation a bit. And I feel like a bad ‘hostess’ (yes. hostess. they were in my hometown. i felt responsible to make sure they enjoyed it. :P ) because I sorta knew we were leaving her out and I didn’t much care. I missed X too much and I was enjoying our back and forth conversation far too much.

X left to go to the restroom at some point and The Girlfriend and I exchanged casual conversation. And I admit. It was Awkward. Also with a capital ‘A’. I suppose I should explain why things were awkward.

For those of you late to the game or who don’t bother to read older posts: X and I have been having very regular, very amazing sex for over a year and a half now. I am his Mistress. (With a capital ‘M’) We had the conversation. She is The Girlfriend. I am The Mistress. It speaks either to my desperation or my apathy that I’m perfectly okay with this title. The Girlfriend only thinks X and I are friends. Friends who are uncommonly close, who’ve kissed a few times, and who had sex once. The episode last summer explains that bit. She hated me for a while. Not surprised. And I hated her for a long while. Almost as long as I’ve known X. But this past semester at school X asked me to give her a chance. He told me I was hating her unfairly. I still think she’s treated X shitty. And I still do not like some of the places she’s put him in. (maybe I’ll write a post about it someday) But just chalk it up to me being protective of my friends.

So basically. We’ve now met twice. We’re on semi-friendly, “Tell her I say hi!” terms. And I don’t hate her. My feeling about her are a bit mixed. But bottomline: she doesn’t know about X and I.

And this is where things get semi-fucked up. After they left I was texting with X. Out of the blue he tells me ‘The Girlfriend wants to know if you were wearing rings in your nipple piercings. she was checking out your boobs.’ Needless to say, I was A BIT taken aback. I mean. I did not expect that one. The conversation then progresses to guessing bra sizes. She got mine right the first time. I was totally off on hers. 34C for me and 32D for her. Though apparently mine are bigger according to X.

We started talking a bit about sextoys. And she asked if I had a strap-on. I said no. But I was hoping to get one to review (she knows I review sex toys. but she doesn’t know about my blog, really) and she mentioned that if she got to know me better she might be interested in testing it out with me.

X of course is overjoyed. It’s been a bit of a fantasy of his to watch his mistress fuck his girlfriend. So as of right now, when I go and visit X next week, some threesome-ish things might happen. And if they don’t. I’m pretty sure they’ll happen once school starts back up.

As fucked up as it is, I’m looking forward to it. The Girlfriend is cute. She’s not drop dead gorgeous or super sexy or anything. I think she’s about on the same level of attractiveness as me. Which isn’t bad at all. But I’m not gonna lie and pretend she looks like a supermodel. I sure as hell don’t. Haha. She looks like she has a really nice body though, nicer than mine. Which will make me a bit self-conscious about hooking up with her.

The whole thing is kind of a mind fuck for me. And in a very deliscious way. She’s the girlfriend. But if we had a threesome, I’d be the one with the power. Between the two of us, I know more simply by default. I don’t know. It’s just appealing to me. Plus, I love doing things that make X happy. And this is one of those things. I feel supremely dirty for being okay with it. I feel like my moral receptors have overloaded and died so I no longer feel a twinge when I do bad things like this. Part of my thinks that might be good though. Who knows. Maybe The Girlfriend will even get her own letter some day.

I fully expect to get reamed by some people for being okay with this. I expect people to warn me about the dangers of doing this. I know people will think I’m fucked up. Go ahead and comment. Let me know how you feel. But it’s not going to change how I feel about this or if I’m going to do it or not. Judge me all you want. Slimline G

11 07 2009


In all honesty, for all the sex toys I have, I really don’t own many insertable vibrators.

I was excited to get this toy from the wonderful people at because I absolutely love G-spot stimulation. My orgasms are harder and longer when I have something pressing against it. This toy fit that bill quite well. It’s a very good length and by no means intimidating. The shaft can’t be any thicker than a quarter. The head is a fair bit thicker but in a good way.

It’s made of hard, unyielding plastic so it’s VERY EASY TO CLEAN. Just wipe it down with some hot soapy water afterwards and you’re set. It also has a little, black washer-thingy-ma-bob that I think means it’s waterproof. I’ve used it in the shower and it hasn’t crapped out on me so I think I’m in the clear saying you can introduce it to water and it wont sputter and die.

Because of the hard plastic it’s made of, it is a bit noisy. Not terribly noisy. But when you crank up the vibrations it can get loud. Which isn’t a bad thing to me. But some people like vibes that are whisper quiet.

As for the effectiveness of the vibe? I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. This is one of two toys that I have managed to make myself squirt with. So that puts it in my book of ‘very good things.’ My only complaint, and I find this happening with other toys too, but it sometimes gets turned around inside me. Like the head doesn’t hit my G-spot, it goes the other way. I like to think it’s because I’ve got bad-ass awesome PC muscles. But I know that’s not the case. Haha.

Also, the ‘Pleasure Collection’ of extra stretchy accessories is pointless to me. I played with a few and they add absolutely no extra sensation to the vibe when put on like a sleeve. And the stretchy cock-ring-like-thing only succeeded in ripping some of X’s pubic hair out when we tried it. So big fail on those.

Bottomline, I’d highly recommend this toy for people who like G-Spot stim or who are trying to find their G-spot. It’s a nice, easy, moderately inexpensive toy that gets the job done. I give it a 7 out of 10. And only because the stretchy accessories were pointless. And annoyed me a bit.

sex toysvibrators

Thunderstorm Challenge

1 07 2009

The Coquitten and I decided to do a little challenge of sorts: Write a 1000 word maxium fantasy about thunderstorms and have it done by the evening of Thursday, July 2nd. It’s mostly just for fun and to see what we each came up with! And I had an idea brewing in my head all day. So. Mine’s done at a grand total of 731 words!

The first pattering of rain went unnoticed by them.

He was half on top of her and his hand was under her skirt, two fingers twisting and curling inside of her. She moved beneath him; her hips rolling and her back arching out of pleasure. Moans slipped from her lips only to be caught by his demanding mouth. She had his pants half unbuttoned so her fingers could toy with his hardening cock through the fabric of his boxers.

The first few wet drops hit them and the grass around them but they’re too involved in each other to care. Clothes are being loosened, hands are wandering, teasing, pleasing and mouths are hot against skin. The rain begins to fall harder and they notice now. Skin becomes chilled while desire continues to burn. They part for a moment, clothes still askew, to gather up the remains of the picnic that brought them to this secluded spot in the first place. It takes mere minutes for the rain to soak through their clothes as they run to the car they regretted parking so far away.

Even in their haste they can’t stop touching. She hooks her fingers on the waistband of his jeans, pulling them down to reveal the curve of his ass. She smiles wickedly and runs a bit ahead of him, but not before he manages to grope her breast through the wet fabric of her shirt. She tries to run faster but he catches her around the waist and pulls her towards him hard. Their lips meet and they momentarily forget about the rain. Clothes are soaked and clinging to their bodies.

A bright flash of lightening is followed almost instantly by a loud clap of thunder. She jumps, looking quickly up at the sky before grabbing his hand and tugging him in the direction of the car. The rain is pelting them as they throw their things in the back of the car. He closes the trunk and pushes her roughly against it. His hand slides along her thigh, pushing up her rain-soaked skirt as his mouth teases her neck. He grips her thigh hard and his fingers dig into her flesh. She lets out a protesting moan.

They’re interrupted once more by the light and sound of the storm above them. Now they fumble for the door handle, his hands no help as they caress her ass. She gets the door open and he pushes her inside. He climbs in after and the slam of the door is echoed tenfold by the storm. She doesn’t have time to jump in fear of the sound of thunder so close by. He’s grabbing her and pulling her to straddle him.

His cock is rock hard as he pulls her down on top of him, her pussy slick as he slides into her without warning. She gasps and presses her face into his neck. Her hips rock in small circles and his hands grab her ass. They’re too desperate to shed their soaking wet clothing, and the contrast of cool rain water against burning skin only makes them more distracted.

Her hips move in earnest now. Her one hand cups the back of his neck and the other grips the back of the seat for support. He bites at her neck as his hands guide her to fuck him faster. She obliges, moans escaping her lips are almost drowned out by the drumming of rain on the roof of the car.

They fuck fast and hard, desperate for each other and for release. His grunts mix with her moans. As she gets closer to climax her moans crescendo and  her nails dig into his neck. She cums but he doesn’t stop fucking her. Harder and harder, faster and faster as he gets closer. Until finally, he grabs her and pulls her down on his cock hard as he explodes inside her.

The thunder stopped. But the rain still patters on the roof as she presses her forehead to his, kissing him softly.