Thunderstorm Challenge

1 07 2009

The Coquitten and I decided to do a little challenge of sorts: Write a 1000 word maxium fantasy about thunderstorms and have it done by the evening of Thursday, July 2nd. It’s mostly just for fun and to see what we each came up with! And I had an idea brewing in my head all day. So. Mine’s done at a grand total of 731 words!

The first pattering of rain went unnoticed by them.

He was half on top of her and his hand was under her skirt, two fingers twisting and curling inside of her. She moved beneath him; her hips rolling and her back arching out of pleasure. Moans slipped from her lips only to be caught by his demanding mouth. She had his pants half unbuttoned so her fingers could toy with his hardening cock through the fabric of his boxers.

The first few wet drops hit them and the grass around them but they’re too involved in each other to care. Clothes are being loosened, hands are wandering, teasing, pleasing and mouths are hot against skin. The rain begins to fall harder and they notice now. Skin becomes chilled while desire continues to burn. They part for a moment, clothes still askew, to gather up the remains of the picnic that brought them to this secluded spot in the first place. It takes mere minutes for the rain to soak through their clothes as they run to the car they regretted parking so far away.

Even in their haste they can’t stop touching. She hooks her fingers on the waistband of his jeans, pulling them down to reveal the curve of his ass. She smiles wickedly and runs a bit ahead of him, but not before he manages to grope her breast through the wet fabric of her shirt. She tries to run faster but he catches her around the waist and pulls her towards him hard. Their lips meet and they momentarily forget about the rain. Clothes are soaked and clinging to their bodies.

A bright flash of lightening is followed almost instantly by a loud clap of thunder. She jumps, looking quickly up at the sky before grabbing his hand and tugging him in the direction of the car. The rain is pelting them as they throw their things in the back of the car. He closes the trunk and pushes her roughly against it. His hand slides along her thigh, pushing up her rain-soaked skirt as his mouth teases her neck. He grips her thigh hard and his fingers dig into her flesh. She lets out a protesting moan.

They’re interrupted once more by the light and sound of the storm above them. Now they fumble for the door handle, his hands no help as they caress her ass. She gets the door open and he pushes her inside. He climbs in after and the slam of the door is echoed tenfold by the storm. She doesn’t have time to jump in fear of the sound of thunder so close by. He’s grabbing her and pulling her to straddle him.

His cock is rock hard as he pulls her down on top of him, her pussy slick as he slides into her without warning. She gasps and presses her face into his neck. Her hips rock in small circles and his hands grab her ass. They’re too desperate to shed their soaking wet clothing, and the contrast of cool rain water against burning skin only makes them more distracted.

Her hips move in earnest now. Her one hand cups the back of his neck and the other grips the back of the seat for support. He bites at her neck as his hands guide her to fuck him faster. She obliges, moans escaping her lips are almost drowned out by the drumming of rain on the roof of the car.

They fuck fast and hard, desperate for each other and for release. His grunts mix with her moans. As she gets closer to climax her moans crescendo and ┬áher nails dig into his neck. She cums but he doesn’t stop fucking her. Harder and harder, faster and faster as he gets closer. Until finally, he grabs her and pulls her down on his cock hard as he explodes inside her.

The thunder stopped. But the rain still patters on the roof as she presses her forehead to his, kissing him softly.