HNT 2.06: Ouchies

16 07 2009


I drove 3 hours yesterday to visit X.

We had more sex last night than I think we ever have had in such a short amount of time. I got fucked on the floor, on the bed, the floor again, while playing Onyx, while standing up and even in the shower. Eventually, it got to be late and we put in a movie and fell asleep. When we got up the next morning. We fucked again. I was on top. And he was spanking me hard. And I was loving every second of it. Once we were finished, I looked at my ass and was surprised to see he’d left marks. So we couldn’t resist taking some photos. I’ll make him take some tomorrow too. Because I’m sure I’m going to have bruises.



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16 07 2009

Damn, woman!

16 07 2009

Now I am the jealous one. Looks like you had a fan-fucking-tastic time.

16 07 2009

Damn girl thats just excellent right there!!
great pic.

perfect ass.

17 07 2009
That Guy

Fuck yeah!

You know you’ve had a good time when you’re bruised a couple of days later.

Looking forward to those pics.

Stay nasty.

heart you.


17 07 2009

Well guys, if you like the photos, wait till you hear the stories about the rest of that day/the next one ;-)


18 07 2009

We should have taken more photos. :P

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