The Past Three Days

17 07 2009

So. This week was fun.

But I’m tired. And sore. And don’t feel much like writing a whole lot right now. I kinda need a day or two to re-run everything through my head. ┬áBut I’ll give you guys a little teaser of what’s to come in the next week or so.

  1. What happened when I got to X’s Wednesday evening. And all the sex we had. And the sex we had the next morning.
  3. The threesome. That actually did happen. It was awesome and hot and fun and I’d so do it again. Also, no awkward moments, feelings of being left out or possessiveness from anyone, as far as I could tell. Which is what I was worried about most.
  4. My first time having sex with a girl and how it went.
  5. My feelings on how twisted my relationship with X is sometimes.
  6. More reviews. Hopefully.

So yeah. I’ve got a fair amount of material to write about now. And I’m quite happy. Oh so fucking sore though. Everywhere. My shoulders. My back. My ass. My pussy. My whole fucking body. Haha.