Kama Sutra Warming Gel

12 08 2009

warming gel

Another lovely review thanks to the lovely people over at

I’ve never really been one for ‘arousing gels‘ and the sort but Kama Sutra has a very good reputation and I figured it would be fun to try out something new. The idea behind this gel is to produce a warming sensation when applied that in turn ends up intensifying sensations and increasing arousal. I’ve enjoyed using warming lubes during sex before and I assumed that this product would be similar.

Sadly, that was not the case. I followed the directions and placed a little directly on my clit and the surrounding areas. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited. And I felt nothing. Oh wait….a few moments later I felt a ever so slight tingle of warmth. But that was all. I tried this product on three or four separate occasions. But I noticed no real effects of the Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel for Women on me. I’m thinking that my body just didn’t react very well with the active ingredients. I looked for some other reviews of the product and I found other experiences leaning towards my own here and here. However, someone did get a reaction with the gel. So again, it might just be me.

Over all, I give this product a 3/10 as it may work for other women. For other products for great prices check out the sex toys at

Back to School Challenge

12 08 2009

Amy, Coquitten and I decided to do a challenge. The theme was back to school and we had to be 1000-2000 words and we had to include ‘a plaid skirt’, ’something ripped’ and ‘a stolen glance.’ This is what I came up with. Check out Amy and Coquitten’s interpretations here and here.

It was only the first weekend back at school and already I was getting into trouble. Clubs and alcohol and dancing and sexy people? You can’t expect me to behave……

His hand slid up the back of my thigh, running under my plaid skirt to find that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He murmured his approval with a smirk on his lips that I could feel against my own. He squeezed my ass as his lips assaulted me. He claimed my mouth with nibbles and bites and the wet press of tongue between parted lips. I clung to him, my need apparent in the way my body curved and arched in search of contact and friction. Fingers tangled into his hair, pulling and tugging and directing as his mouth moved lower to tease my neck. The hand on my ass slid along my thigh pulling my leg to his hip and allowing him to press against me harder and closer.

The brick of the building was scraping my back and reminding me of where we were. A back alley that ran along side a dance club. The heavy bass of the music could be faintly heard but was more felt through the wall behind me. His lips brushed softly against the curve of my neck belying his real intentions. Without warning he bit down hard on my neck while he pressed his hard cloth covered cock against me. I could help the sharp, high yelp of pleasure and pain that escaped my lips. He chuckled and licked at the spot that was now faintly throbbing. I pulled his face back to mine while I let my hand drift lower.

Flicking open the button of his jeans then slowly undoing his thigh gave me enough room to begin to stroke him. He moaned against my lips. I smiled. The alley was dark and we were in a shadowed corner so I wasted no time dropping to my knees in front of him. This was not the time nor the place for teasing. My tongue darted out to wet my lips before I let the head rub against them. I opened my mouth and slowly let his whole cock invade my mouth and throat. He grabbed my hair as he bit back a groan of pleasure. I let him take control and fuck my mouth. My was tongue pressed flat against the underside as I tried to take all of him down my throat. After what seemed like too little time, he pulled me up again. I was breathing heavy and soaking wet. He picked me up and pushed my against the brick wall. Without much notice or warning he thrust into me and let his teeth sink into my neck again. The suddenness of the action kept me from screaming out. I was too surprised to do much more than gasp.

He began to fuck me like he hadn’t already had my pussy six times in the past two days. My head banged against the hard wall as I arched my back. The only thing supporting me was one of his hands under my ass and his weight pressing me into the brick. With his other hand he pulled at my tank top. But with one hand ┬áit wasn’t budging. So he tugged hard and I shot him a dirty look as I heard the fabric of my new white tank top rip. He didn’t care and I didn’t care for much longer. Because as soon as he got the cloth out of the way, my nipple was in his mouth and I had something else to moan about.

He was pressed as close to me as he could get. He barely withdrew his dick from me but the power behind each thrust made up for that. I clung to him, arms about his neck, eyes closed. They drifted open for a moment and I felt a wave of heat wash over me. Someone was watching. He was at the other end of the alley, the one near the street, cigarette in his mouth, watching me get fucked liked a little whore against a wall in an alley. One more thrust and I was over the edge, cumming hard, eyes still locked with the man’s. I whimpered as he continued to fuck me. A few more grunts and moans and he was very nearly dropping me and pushing me to my knees again. He grabbed my face and told me to be a good girl as he jerked his cock a few times and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into my mouth and all over my chin.

My eyes darted over to the entrance to the alley. The man wasn’t there. Shifting my attention, I looked up at him in front of me and smirked. I sucked the last bit of cum off his cock then licked my lips and wiped off my chin. We adjusted our clothing and I gave him a smack on the ass for ripping my shirt. I folded the one side down and hoped it looked like a one-strapped shirt. I doubted it did. I grabbed his hand as we walked out of the alley in preparation to head home. A few yards down the sidewalk I looked up to see the man who had watched us standing there, a small smile on his face. My eyes locked with his for a split second before looking away. A quick, stolen glance. I smiled the rest of the way home.