Life is Good

20 08 2009

Well everyone, I’m back at school.

  • X and The Girlfriend broke up the other day. Not because of me, thank god. It’s odd knowing X is single now but kinda nice since we don’t have to hide that we’re sleeping together anymore. Haha
  • Since X has his own apartment and we don’t have to hide sleeping together anymore we had lots and lots of very loud sex yesterday. I think X broke my record of cumming 17 times. I stopped counting though. Mostly because I couldn’t even form words let alone count. I think we fucked for roughly 5 hours or more, on and off last night. Dear god. I came so hard and so much, over and over again.
  • I fucked X’s ass with my strap-on last night. He said it felt good, but it wasn’t amazing. Any tips for anal with guys? I know it can be amazing and lead to mindblowing orgasms for guys, but I’m just not sure how to do that.

All in all, I think this year is gonna be a good one. :)



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17 08 2009

Sometimes for men, it’s not so much about the thrusting as it is the prostate stimulation which doesn’t always require thrusting with the proper toy.
I’d suggest a few things:
1. Use enough lube?
2. Try a different position. If you did doggie, try him on his back. Also that way you can stimulate his cock.
3. Try a different dildo. It could be the size or shape or firmness of the one you were using.
4. the p-spot is really similar to our g-spot – i.e. a straight dildo likely won’t hit “amazing”.

17 08 2009

Yay for a good year! Things certainly seem to be going pretty well :) Jealous of all those orgasms!


17 08 2009

Been following you for some time, and while I usually would have more to say in a first post, this time around I think I’ll just stick with the basics: hooray for you, seriously.

It’s good to see things moving in your direction, and it gives me a warm fuzzy to see you end your post with a smile!


17 08 2009
That Guy

Gawd I fucking love you. Here’s to a fun (and fuck) filled year at school. Rock on.

25 08 2009

It wouldn’t be shorn’s position to use a strapon with any but a submissive male, but shorn’s fingers work very well with husband. Husband perfers real cocks to strapons anyway.


sexy submissive slut

27 08 2009

I would also go with gloved finger with a lot of lube….. a little oral during this would blow his mind if you massage the prostate the right way. Have fun!

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