Strenuous Activity

16 09 2009

Sex apparently counts as strenuous activity.

I’m horny as all hell and X is unable to fuck me, even if he wanted to. Swine flu and being in bed sick for a week gave X DVT. Deep Vein Thrombosis. In other words he got two big blood clots in his left calf. And now he’s on bloodthinners. Two different types. A pill and one the poor thing has to inject with a needle himself. So basically. If we have sex. He could throw a clot and die. And since I’d really rather that not happen…….no sex. Pout.

So, I think all of my readers should send X some positive thoughts and well wishes so he can get better soon. And I’m not saying this at all because I want him to be able to fuck me…..nope……not at all……..